Crystalized Owl Necklace

Owls have always been one of my favorite creatures. I’m quite fascinated with them, and find it to be such a treat to hear their hoots and calls at night around here. They have become almost trendy over the past several years, which make them available to us in many forms from charms to pendants. I adore these new Crystalized Owl Shaped Connectors.


Last summer I was on my annual camping trip with my great-nephew. As we were sitting by the fire at night, we heard an owl hoot quite close to us. My nephew, about 6 at the time, quickly jumped onto my lap, obviously a little uncomfortable with it.

I said “It’s okay honey, it’s just an owl saying hello…..I love owls…..don’t they sounds beautiful?”

He replied: “No way Auntie! I don’t like owls!

Me: “What is it about owls you don’t like?”

Nephew: “It really freaks me out how they spin their head around. It’s not right”

Okay…..well, i guess we all don’t need to like them :)

For all of you owl lovers out there, I like to use The Owl Pages website to identify what type of owls I’m hearing when I hear them call in the night! Check it out!

The Owl Pages

Hoot! Hoot!


Below is the directions for this multi-layered necklace I made with them. I think these connectors would make fantastic, simple earrings as well!



  1. Cut fifteen pieces of 20 Ga wire approximately 1 & ¼” long. Make a simple loop on one end of a wire, put a 6mm crystal on, then complete with another simple loop on the other end, trimming any excess wire, to complete a small link. Repeat this with the remaining fourteen wires and crystals.
  2. Using fourteen of your jump-rings, attach the links together that you have made to make a “chain” of light sapphire crystal links.
  3. Cut an 11” piece and an 8” piece of the crystal rosary link chain.
  4. Open a 9mm jump-ring and add in the following order: 8” rosary chain, then your light sapphire crystal chain that you made, then 11” rosary chain, and close the jump-ring.
  5. Use a medium Oval jumpring to attach this to the bottom of an owl connector. Opening the other 9mm jump-ring, add the opposite ends of these chains to it in the same order as the first, and again using a medium oval jump-ring, attach this to the bottom of the other owl link.
  6. It’s important to attach these in the proper order, so that the chains will drape nicely with the shortest chain on top and the longest chain on the bottom, you can always adjust them if you need to.
  7. Cut two more lengths of rosary chain each 6” long. Using two more oval jump-rings, attach these to the top hole on the owl connectors.
  8. Using your last two jump-rings, attach your toggle ring to one end of the necklace and the toggle bar to the other end of the necklace.
  9. That’s IT!


  • Swarovski Crystals come in an almost endless variety of colors to work with! Mix it up!
  • The Rosary chain also comes in black and different sizes to mix it up!
  • Not a silver person? Try this design in gold or copper!
  • You could easily lengthen the chains to make this a longer necklace with longer strands draping, or you could shorten it to make it more of a choker!

Have fun! Make it your own!

Happy Creating!


DSCN0766 2



Dinner on the Beach Bracelet

Do you ever finish a piece of jewelry and have your mind wander to the perfect occasion for the piece? I’m a day dreamer. Always have been. When I finished this bracelet, my mind went to a lovely seafood dinner, on a tropical beach, in a white summer dress.















In my mind’s eye, this bracelet is the perfect splash of color on my wrist that pops from the white dress. Perhaps I need to start planning my winter vacation to a beach in Mexico?

The Czech glass beads in this bracelet are the eye-catchers, with their vibrant colors and matte finish. The few Swarovski Pearls give it a little more of a beach feel, and the clasp is a new favorite of mine that TierraCast recently released.

This design takes  a little time to create with all of the drops, but is a simple design appropriate for beginners, and can be varied in so many ways.

Materials Used:


  1. Cut eight pieces of wire approximately 2.5” long. String a purple spade bead onto each wire. Bend both ends of the wire upright, and use your round nose and chain nose pliers to create wrapped loop drops with all eight beads.
  2. Cut five pieces of wire, approximately 3” long. Create a wrapped loop on one end of a wire. Put a bead cap on the wire, an aqua nautilus bead, and another bead cap. End the other side with a wrapped loop to complete your link. Create five of these links.
  3. Add an 8mm pearl, then a Gold Heishi bead to a head pin. Create a drop by finishing it with a wrapped loop. Repeat this to create eight pearl drops.
  4. Get out your jump-rings. Holding a jump ring firmly with your pliers add to it in this order: a spade bead drop, pearl drop, spade bead drop, nautilus link, spade bead drop, pearl drop, spade bead drop, and another nautilus bead link before closing the jump-ring. You will now have the start to your bracelet. From here use another jump-ring to attach another link and beads to the end of a nautilus link.
  5. When you have all five nautilus links together with four jump-rings in between them full of spade beads and pearl drops, use the remaining two jump rings to attach the two parts of your toggle clasp to either end.

Presto! You are finished!

This finished bracelet should measure 8” in length.


  • The color variations you could do with this bracelet are endless! Swarovski pearls and czech glass beads come in such a beautiful variety of colors. Choose your favorites to make this piece your own!
  • Not a gold person? Try making this is a silver, or brass finish! Or get crazy and mix your metals!
  • The length of this bracelet can easily be shortened or lengthened by removing a link from the design, or adding a couple of jump-rings to either end.

Happy Creating!



Mixed Metal Earrings

I forget sometimes how much I like the look of mixed metals! These earrings were a lot of fun to make.  They could be varied in endless ways by using the components & metals of your choice.

Mixed Metals

These earrings could also be inspiration to you for what to do with the random bits of chain, beads, & components you have laying around leftover from other projects.



  1. Use a Gold jump-ring to attach the ear wires to the beaded ring.
  2. Use a copper jump-ring to attach the gold feather to the beaded ring.
  3. Get out your head pins. Add a silver heishi, a gold heishi, then another silver heishi to a head pin, and finish it off with a wrapped loop to complete a drop.
  4. Use a Gold jump-ring to attach a link of crystal chain to the beaded ring. at the other end of the crystal chain, open the loop to attach your drop you made with the heishis.
  5. Use a silver jump ring to attach a length of copper floating circles chain to the beaded ring.
  6. Repeat these steps to complete the other earring.

Presto! You are done!


The sky is the limit! Take a look at the miscellaneous pieces of chain, beads & charms that you have left over from projects. Use your favorite charms, or charms that have meaning to you. Mix whatever metals, you prefer! Have fun with it!

Happy creating!


Leather Bracelet Tutorial Step by Step

So we’re going on week two of our leather focus. Last week I created a semi epic blog post featuring lots and lots of bracelets. If you haven’t seen it you can read it here. In response we got some questions about how to do it more specifically. Well… I’m here to show you that it really couldn’t be more simple.














So here’s a “step by step”. And for any of you who grew up about the time that I did, it may just get that ‘New Kids On The Block’ song stuck in your head. It has for me, even though I really don’t remember any of the words, because I never was a big fan. But it is a catchy tune and they did play it alot on the radio back in the day :).














Step 1: Select

  • This is really the hardest part, picking out what leather colors and components you want to use.
  • You will also want to measure your wrist here, adding at least 1/2″ for ease.  Mine measures 6.5″, I cut 7″ of leather and this fits me pretty perfectly.
  • Consider the size of your clasp, some are larger than others. I would err on the size of ordering more leather than you think you need. (When you get all of your stuff you will want to put it together as best that you can on your wrist to do a final measure before you glue it. You can always trim the leather down if necessary with your straight cutters).














Step 2: Gather

  • Gather all your supplies, including the super new glue and a straight cutter or a utility knife though they are not as safe, so be careful if you choose the knife.















Step 3: Assemble

  • Simply, slide the components on the leather you will be using.
  • Make sure it fits right and you like it.
  • Double check the size and trim the leather if necessary.
  • Also, make sure it is a straight, even cut so it fits flush inside the clasp end.

Step 4: Decide

  • Decide how you want the clasp to be fitted onto your bracelet and if you have a preference as to which way it will open. Make sure you have the two halves of the clasp fitted properly to the leather, so they fit together when glued BEFORE gluing.

Step 5: Glue

  • Glue the clasp onto the end of the leather. Now this is where the rubber hits the road. You want enough glue but not too much. My first bracelet came apart because  used too little glue.














  • Hold the end upright, so that the cut part of the leather is horizontal.














  • Put on enough glue so that the cut part is completely covered, yet it is not dripping. Then carefully put on the 1/2 of the clasp making sure that the component is going on the bracelet in the correct way (you might want to lay it out so you know which way to put it on before you put the glue on the end of the leather).
  • Do this carefully. If the glue spills out it will stain your leather. Not a biggie, probably no one will notice but you.
  • Hold the two pieces together for about 30 seconds with a little firm pressure.
  • Then do the second side, again making sure that the components are going to be going on in the correct way.
  • Let it sit. This glue cures in about 15 minutes. Although I have always waited two hours or overnight before I start messing with it (just to be on the safe side but I’m like that).














If you want to make an exact replica of this beautiful bracelet you will need the following















I hope that helps… it really is incredibly easy and fun to work with. It’s also really satisfying to make something so beautiful in such a short period of time.

Have fun with it!


Leather Bracelet Cornucopia

Being a new designer, I was instantly drawn to using leather because it’s so fast and easy to make really great looking jewelry. Just take a look at all these gorgeous bracelets!














A lot of these bracelets also appeal to my inner cowgirl… which likes anything brown and leather and silver and turquoise :)

These two are made out of Portuguese Cork leather, and are just as beautiful as the real leather…














There are so many beautiful sliders/components to work with, it makes designing a piece almost effortless since a lot of the work has already been done for you. Another reason these bracelets are so fantastic is the magnetic clasps which makes for a quick and easy on/off (very useful if you’re like me and find yourself taking off and putting on your jewelry several times throughout the day).

We wanted to share some of our designs with you to get your creative juices flowing about how you can put some of these pieces together. In addition to the components designated for each piece below you will need a straight cuter and some super new glue.

In these tutorials each bracelet uses 7″ of leather, you will also want to factor-in that each bracelet will be bigger than that because of the clasp. Adjust the size according to your wrist or that of the lucky recipient. The average bracelet length is 7″ for women and 8″ for men. So feel free to make them a little bigger or smaller as needed (which is why you will want the straight cutter and might want to order a little extra to make sure you have enough).

Here is a breakdown of each piece and what you will need to make it…














































This bracelet was designed by Pam














Check out the cool swirly magnetic clasp.














This bracelet was made by Wild Human Designs














These two Portuguese Cork bracelets were also made by Pam.















So the process for each is really simple…

  1. Measure your wrist and trim leather as necessary with the straight cutters.
  2. Add sliders.
  3. Decide how you want the clasp to attach to the bracelet and separate the two parts of the clasp. Hold the end of the leather (or cork) upright and cover just the end, not the sides, carefully yet fully with super new glue. Slide on the clasp. Hold the two pieces together firmly for about 30 seconds. Glue will be cured in about 15 minutes.

Viola! Instant gratification (or at least about as close as it gets when it comes to making jewelry!)

Mix it up if you like, make it your own according to your own taste and color preferences.

Have fun and enjoy your super cool new fall jewelry!





Bewitching Earrings

Fun earrings are a must this time of year. Halloween and fall parties get me thinking of fun bewitchingand blingy designs.

The Bewitching Earrings are made with a brand new style of bead introduced this fall by Swarovski in conjunction with Jean Paul Gaulthier. His ‘Poetic Punk-Rock’ style pieces such as the 5747 Spike Beads used in these earrings are very trendy this fall.

I used the recently introduced 1 Step Looping Pliers to quickly knock out these earrings. I love the turquoise handles so I recommend the Vintaj branded version of the tool .

1 Step Loopers or a set of pliers, 1 round nose and 1 chain nose

Step to complete:

Add an eyepin to all 4 of the Spike Beads and using the 1 Step Loopers create the eye or loop on the oppposite side. Do the same with the 6mm rounds. Use the headpin to do a loop with the 3mm bicones.

To begin adding components start with the large spike bead, opening up the bottom loop just a bit, (side to side) and slip the top loop on the 6mm bicone into it, close the loop up.

Next open the bottom loop on the 6mm bicone and insert the top loop of the smaller spike bead, and close the loop. Now you should have the top large spike with the 6mm round bicone next and then the smaller spike bead.

Now open the bottom loop on the small spike bead and insert the loop on the 3mm bicone, closing the loop and capturing the bicone.

Finally open the loop on the earwire just enough to slide the loop on the top of the largest spike bead into it, and close the loop capturing the entire length of beads and finishing the earring. Do the same with the second set and now you have a completed pair of bewitching earrings! Enjoy, and go out and bewitch someone!

Make the Cowboy Zombie Necklace and Lolita Earrings for Halloween

This is a fun necklace and earring set for Halloween whether you want to accessorize an elaborate costume for a party or celebrate simply, by sprucing up a uniform for work or some casual clothes while trick-or-treating. It features Glow in the Dark beads (which really do glow!) as well as the Lolita Cameos and the Cowboy Zombie Cameo which are both so fun for Halloween.



Here is a list of the materials needed to make the earrings and the necklace separately. Down below is a combined list (and much simpler) if you are planning on making both.

Materials for the Earrings:

Materials for the Necklace:

Other Materials:

2 Part 5 Minute Epoxy



  1. On a scrap piece of paper or a paper plate, mix equal parts of the 5 minute epoxy, use a clean popsicle stick (or something similar) to apply the glue to the center portion of two of the Vintaj Hinges. Carefully place the two medium Lolita cameos on the center of each hinge, over the glue. Do the same thing for the Cowboy Zombie cameo, except you will cover the whole bottom portion of the hinge with glue so just the top part is sticking out above the cameo. Let these dry at least five minutes.
  2. Meanwhile, take two of the Glow in the Dark beads and attach your head pin making a simple loop at the top or a wrapped loop. Do the same thing using your other five Glow in the Dark beads and the eye pins.
  3. When the glue has dried, add the Individual Links of Chain – Matte Black 9.1mm Link Chain to each of the connectors of the Vintaj Hinge: two on each earring (one for the top and one for the bottom of each hinge) as well as one for the zombie pendant.
  4. For each pair of earrings, on the chain link attached to the bottom of the hinge, add one jumpring and the Glow in the Dark bead, on the headpin.
  5. Attach one of the Glow in the Dark beads, on the eye pin, to the earwire, with a jumpring. Repeat for the other pair. Then attach the bottom part of the eye pin to the chain link at the top of the hinge and repeat for the other pair. This completes the earrings.
  6. Attach one of the Glow in the Dark beads, on a eye pin, to one end of the Leaf Chain. Do the same thing on the other end of the Leaf Chain. Find the middle of your Leaf Chain and attach two jumprings. Then add your last Glow in the Dark bead, on the eyepin, and attach this to the chain link, attached to the zombie pendant.
  7. Cut two 4.5″ pieces of Matte Black 8.3mm Link Chain and attach a jump ring and one end of the clasp to each piece. Attach the other end of the chain to the Glow in the Dark bead. Voila, your done!


Before you go out, make sure to charge up the Glow in Dark beads by putting them in the sun, or under a lamp. Insider tip: the marbled white part of the bead is what glows the most. If you want them super glowy choose the beads from your strand that have the most white on them (no matter what color bead you choose).


This set would also look fabulous with the Ivory on Peach Lolitas.



Feel free to mix it up and use any color of 8mm round Glow in the Dark bead that you like the most.

I also really like the Owl on Branch cameos, especially for the Harry Potter fans out there :)




Materials needed to make both the necklace and earrings (the simplified, combined version):

Have Fun!