Leather Backpack or Purse Dangles

This leather dangle is a great way to add some fun and pizzaz to a purse or backpack. Send your favorite kid back to school with something new and is a reminder of how much you love them by giving them something handmade by you… just for them!







  1. For each color of leather cut three pieces of each: 3.5″, 4″ and 4.5″ so that you have twelve pieces.
  2. Arrange the beads how you like them and then carefully glue the ball ends onto the leather (the tiniest drop of glue is all that will fit in there!).
  3. Wait at least fifteen minutes for the glue to cure.
  4. Arrange the tassels how you want them to hang, then temporarily hold them together toward the top with a rubber band.
  5. Cover the ends with glue and carefully put them into the TierraCast Makers cord end.
  6. Wait at least fifteen minutes for the glue to cure.
  7. Attach the lobster clasp with a jumpring.
  8. Voila! Your done :)


  • Substitute other colors of 1.5 or 2mm round leather of your choice. You could even make them all the same or all different.
  • Substitute other colors of 2/0 magic beads.
  • Make the leather longer or shorter depending on how you like it.

Have fun with it!




School Pride Zipper Pulls

School time is upon us and I have a found a great way to use the new TierraCast Makers pieces and focus on the variety of colors we carry in Satin Cording (also known as rat-tail).  These sweet little zipper pulls can easily be modified to create key-chains or bracelets.  Send your favorite students off to school with a fancy zipper pull in their school colors!




For the Black/Gold version:

For the Aqua/White version:


  1. The directions for each color way are the same, just be sure to use the appropriate Cord Ends and Beads.  For the purpose of the directions, I will use the gold/black colorway as an example.
  2. Cut the black and the gold cord in half.  Holding them together, at the halfway point, make a knot, leaving a two inch loop at the end (this will later be snipped open and this is where you will attach your beads).
  3. Attach your gator weight to the loop after the knot and let hang through the kumihimo disk while you place your cords in the starting positions.
  4. Notice that there is a black dot at #8, 16, 24, and 32 on the disk.  Think of this as North/South and East/West.   So, #32 and 16 are north/south and #24 and 8 are East/West.  Black will go north/south and Gold will be placed east/west.
  5. Take two black cords and place on either side of #32, then place the other two black cords on either side of #16.  Repeat this with the Gold cords on the east/west dots.
  6. Now, remember this “Left, down. Right, up.  Turn and repeat.”
  7. What this means is that, starting with the black at #32, you will take the left strand and bring it straight down to #17.  Then bring the right strand at #16 up to #1.  Turn and repeat this technique of “left, down. right, up.” with the gold cords.
  8. It really is that simple!  Continue this pattern until the braid is the length you desire.  The examples are about 3” long.
  9. When you get to stopping point, grasp the end of the bead firmly in your hand and detach the cords from the disk, set the disk aside and remove the gator weight from the other end.
  10. Trim the cords so that you can glue this end into the Makers Collection Cord Ends.  You will want to leave just a centimeter or two after the end of the braid.  Put one drop of glue into the Cord End and settle the end of the braid into the Cord End.  Add 3-4 more drops of glue into the cap, moving around the edge so that all sides of the braid will be affixed.  Let this cure for a moment.
  11. Pick up the end with the knot and clip the cords in half so that you now have 8 strands.  With the 3mm, we will tie beads onto four strands and clip the other four strands just below the knot and secure with a tiny drop of glue.  After securing the beads onto the strands with an overhand knot, place a tiny drop of glue on each knot.
  12. For the 2mm cord, you can put each bead on two strands and secure with knots and a tiny drop of glue.
  13. The last step is to attach the lobster clasp to the top of each Cord End.  This enables you to easily clip the zipper pull on to the zipper of the backpack. Open a jumpring and slide it through the small loop at the top of the Cord End, slide the lobster clasp on and then close the jump ring.  Finished!


Created by Wild Human Designs for Bello Modo.

Lunasoft Hair Accessories

Here’s fun way to add a splash of color to your hair… Lunasoft cabs! They are so beautiful and come in a nice array of colors to choose from. Really, I made these with little girls in mind… but don’t let that stop you from making your own!


Here is what you will need to make your own set:

Below, as you can see, I went with a pink palatte in grape, watermelon and raspberry (clockwise starting from top left). The two ovals are 18 x 13.5mm and the square is a 22mm.


This is the blue set features blueberry, sky blue and spearmint (starting at the top and going clockwise). The two small round cabs are 18mm and the larger cab is a 24mm.


The instructions on the glue recommended gently roughing up the surface of both pieces to be glued together. I did this using a nail file. Although I’m not sure I would recommend it. If you are going to do this, do it very carefully! On most you can’t tell I roughed up the backs, but on the large pink square one you can totally see the scratches through to the other side in certain light. A better, more gentle option might be a buffer.


Once you have everything ready to go, get out your glue:


Place a small drop of each on a disposable piece of paper or cardboard and then mix them up with a toothpick or popsicle stick:


Glue each piece respectively:


Then just let them set for a couple of hours and your ready to go, in style!


Put the Lunasoft cab in a bezel first to give it a more finished look such as these vetri bezels from Nunn Design:









Have fun with it and make it your own!


P.S. These look really fantastic in the sunshine!

Infinity Link Bracelet and Chrysanthemum Hair Clips

Here’s a fun, gorgeous set for the young ladies or the young at heart!  This would make a great present for going back to school. We are so loving these pastel colors here at the shop!

DSCN0364Of course feel free to substitute any colors that suit your fancy… or turn it into a party and make a bunch in different colors as friendship bracelets!


Hair Clips

  1. Glue one Chrysanthemum Cabochon onto each flat pad of the Hair Clips.
  2. Do one at a time and hold the cabochon for a moment while the glue sets. Then set it aside to finish setting while you glue the other Cabochon on to the Hair Clip.


The following measurements provided result in a bracelet that is about 8” long, make adjustments as necessary to get the proper fit for the intended wrist.

  1. Cut 2 x 8” pieces of Satin Cord.
  2. Cut the .5mm Leather into 3 equal pieces. Tie a knot about an inch from one end and make a 3 strand braid until your braid is about 7” long. Tie another knot. Trim the loose ends, after the knot, on each side to about 9/16”.
  3. Cut 2 x 8” pieces 1.5mm Leather Cord. Fold each Piece in half and tie a Lark’s Head knot on either side of the Infinity Link.
  4. Lay out the braid, Satin Cord, and Infinity Link piece and trim ends so they are neat and equal. On one end, pinch the ends together and stick into one side of the Magnetic Clasp. Drop a few drops of glue into the clasp, turning the clasp around and being sure to get all sides, be careful not to use too much, or it will soak up the Satin Cord and discolor it slightly. Repeat on the other side. Let dry for a few moments.

You now have a gorgeous set to gift or wear! You can even alter the colors and make them in school or sports team colors to show your pride.


Larks Head Knot










Made by Wild Human Designs for Bello Modo

Subdued Neon Wrap Bracelet


Inspired by the neon focus at Bello Modo this week, I hoped to create something in neon for those of us who are less likely to wear super-bright colors.  I love wrap bracelets and there are many diverse tutorials around the web.   I chose two colors of Czech Glass round beads that were neon, yet subdued.  Combined with 2mm White Leather, this bracelet really pops!

Following are the supplies I used to make a bracelet that wraps around my wrist twice. I had extra beads and leather and easily could have made it into a triple wrap.

2 x 1.5mm White Leather Cord (yards)

1 x Ivory Swarovski BeCharmed Pearl Large Holed Bead

1 x C-Lon D Green Thread

1 x 4mm Neon Blue Round glass beads (Strand of 50)

1 x 6mm Hyacinth AB MA Round glass beads (Strand of 50)

subdued neon wrap3

Happy Creating!

Designed by Wild Human Designs for Bello Modo


Knot Another Macrame Bracelet!

This bracelet uses one of the most basic of all macramé techniques… although when it is combined with beads down the middle it takes on a whole new fun, fresh and unique look!  This one highlights neon cord and glow in the dark beads!




  1. Start your bracelet by folding each length of cord (four pieces total) in half and holding them at the midpoint.  Thread the button to this point and, make three square knots, using the longer cords as your working cords and the shorter cords as the filler cords. You will have two working cords on either side (four total) and four filler cords.
  2. At this point, you can either continue knotting with the bracelet held in your hand, or to make things easier, you can clamp it down to a working space.  You can use t-pins on a macramé board, or you can use alligator clips or binder clips to attach the bracelet to a secure workspace.  I like to use a wooden tray that has a 1.5 inch depth.  Be sure to clip the work down on top of the newly tied square knots and not the button.
  3. Take one of the filler cords and string the seed beads on and tie a knot near the end of the cord. Clamp the filler cords down on the other end of the workspace.
  4. Now that your work is secure, you can start the body of the bracelet.  Slide one bead up until it is resting against the last square knot and tie a new square knot.  Continue in this manner, sliding a bead up snug against the last knot and then tying a new knot until the bracelet is about 1.5” shorter than you intended length.  At this point, tie three more square knots.
  5. Unclamp the filler cords and untie the knot that you made at the end of the one holding the beads. Hold two filler cords and one side of working cords together and tie an over-hand knot on each side, snug against the last square knot tied.
  6. Now, holding all cords together, tie an overhand knot about a ½ inch from the last two knots tied.  The idea is to leave enough space so that your button can slide through and this becomes your clasp!
  7. Split the strings in half again and weave a tight three strand braid about an inch on either side, ending with an overhand knot.  Trim the ends and voila!  You are set to stand out with your new neon and glow in the dark bracelet.

The Thread Zap works perfectly to end the C-Lon Cord and eliminate any possible fraying.


Techniques used:


square knot


The technique is so simple while the colors, bead styles and cords are nearly infinitely interchangeable.

Here is the same bracelet made with red leather cord and silver beads:

DSCN0300Happy Creating!   

Designed by Wild Human Designs for Bello Modo.

‘Neon Love Hoop’ Earrings

These are so fun and easy to make! Neon is HOT this summer! These are the perfect match for jeans and a tank top, fun, and colorful and the new Primitive Heart charms look great on these. Not too big, and stylized in a casual but arty way.


Here is what you will need to make your own:

1 pair of earwires

2 x 40mm Beading Hoops

72 x 3mm pearls of your color choice

2 x jump rings

2 x primitive heart charms

Slip the beads on the hoop, in whatever order works best for you. I think its best to use a tiny drop of jewelers glue to hold the bead at the open end in place to keep any from slipping off when you are opening them to put on. Slide the bead towards to  end just a bit, dab on the glue and then run the bead back over the glue and let dry. Add the heart drop to the jump ring and attach to the finished hoop. Repeat with the second one and that’a it. Wear with joy!

Happy Creating!

The Team @ Bello Modo