Nunn Necklace Kit Giveaway!


We will randomly be giving away ten of these necklace kits on Wednesday 7/23/14.

The kit includes:

  • 1 x bezel in sterling silver
  • 2 feet of ball chain with a connector in sterling silver
  • 2 x jump rings
  • 1 x 6010 crystal ab briolette
  • 3 pre-punched assorted images to choose from
  • 1 x glass dome
  • Instructions

What you will need to provide:

- A quality glue that does not yellow, we suggest the Nunn Design silicone glue


The kit is valued at $15.95 and we will be selling them soon!

There are three ways to be entered to win:

1). We have posted a picture of this necklace on Facebook, like and comment below the picture with what you like about the necklace.

2). If you place an order, type “Necklace” in the comments when checking out.

- OR -

3). If you don’t want to do any of the above send us an email to and let us know you want to be entered to win!


  • One of the above must be completed by Tuesday night at midnight PST.
  • If you win, and don’t have an account with us, and we are not able to reach you to get your current shipping address, we will give your necklace kit to someone else.

Good Luck!

The Team @ Bello Modo

Poolside Pillow Bracelet

Summer is in full swing and so are the bright colors of the season. This aqua blue pillow bracelet is just right to set the mood for a lazy, outdoor, soak up some sun, poolside with a great book and an iced drink kind of feeling… even if you are inside on the computer. ;)






1. Cut beading wire to 21 inches; attach one end of the clasp to the middle of the wire with a crimp bead;

2. Add two nickel heavy metal seed beads, to both strands together; then split the wire and add four more more seed beads, two to each strand;

3. Add one pillow bead to the wires; then add two more seed beads, one to each strand until all ten pillow beads have been used (or till desired length);

4. Add four more seed beads, two to each strand; then add two seed beads to both strands of wire together;

5. Attach the other end of the clasp with the crimp bead; thread the wire back through a couple of beads then trim the ends;

6. Attach bicone to head pin; trim head pin a make a simple loop; use pliers to attach head pin to the clasp;

7.Use two pliers to attach the heart charm to a jump ring and then the jump ring to the clasp.


Happy Creating!



Two Sided Roses

In honor of officially feeling in summer mode, I decided to make something brightly colored and happy today. I chose to work with these adorable lucite Two Sided Roses.


Not only do these roses have a great, classic style, but they are brightly colored, and double sided! These are a limited supply item, so get your hands on some of these while you can!

I’ll also take a moment to tell you just how much I like using the magnetic barrel clasps. They are strong magnets, easy to use, they look sleek, and they make it oh so easy to put your bracelet on!

To Make The Bracelet:

  1. Tie a simple overhand knot at the end of your leather, leaving about ¼” at the end.
  2. String a rose bead on the leather, slide it up close to the knot that you tied, and tie another overhand knot sliding that knot up as close as you can to the other side of the rose bead.
  3. Repeat these steps until you have the length you want for your bracelet, keeping in mind that the barrel clasp will add about ½” of length.
  4. My bracelet is about 7&½” in length using nine rose beads. Since the rose beads are larger beads, this makes it a tighter fit on my average-ish size wrist. You may want to add a rose for a looser fit, or use one less for a smaller wrist.
  5. Once you have the roses strung, and knots tied, trim your ends to about ¼”. Use only a drop or two of Super New Glue to attach your Magnetic Barrel Clasp Set.
  6. Presto! You are done! you can vary this design by choosing the colors of rose beads that you want to work with! Or even add some large holed beads in between!

To Make the Earrings:

  1. On a Head Pin put a Bead Cap ,Two Sided Rose bead, and another Bead Cap.
  2. Create a wrapped loop at the top.
  3. Repeat with the other head pin and beads.
  4. Slide your drops onto the long arched earwires, or attach to the earwire of your choosing.

Happy creating everyone!



Nunn Design Summer 2014

The Nunn Design Summer 2014 introductions give us a lot to work with!
I love the new Mini Rectangle Long Connector. So many ways to use it come to mind, the earrings with the tiny shells in them are just one really good example.
And, the new Brass Stampings, oh so many fun shapes!
Which is my favorite? Probably the Owl Face
…but the Oak Leaf attracts me too. Autumn is right around the corner, and I can just see fall colors done with patinas on this piece.
and the Hammered Toggles, Oh-la-la! Well done!
The new Charms… so many appealing offerings.
I especially like the Rustic Hearts
and the Wishbone
…and the Coin Shaped Charms too!
Really, I like them all, and as a mixed bracelet they are smashing!
I think you will agree with me, this new introduction is the best yet! Hooray for Nunn Design, made in the USA, lead and nickel free too.
Happy Creating!


Lapis and Copper Earrings

As I made these earrings I was so enamored with the beautiful color of the Lapis Swarovski Pearls that I’m sure, I’m becoming more of a blue-girl. This gorgeous color combined with the antique copper is stunning.


I’ve never been good at picking favorites. There is just too much good food, music, books, and movies out there to say that I have a ‘favorite’!

However, for as long as I can remember, I have been solid on my favorite color. It’s always been green. Some greens I’m more fond of than others, but literally this is the only thing I could tell you is my favorite.

Recently someone asked me what my favorite color is. For the first time in my life, I hesitated. I think, I may be becoming a blue girl….my habit was to immediately say green, but I wanted to say blue. :)

Besides the lapis pearls being a favorite color of blue, these could very easily end up being a favorite pair of earrings as well.


To Make The Earrings:

  1. Count the links of chain to cut two lengths of each: 3 links; 9 links; and 14 links.
  2. You should now have six lengths of chain: two short, two medium, and two long.
  3. Place a 6mm pearl on a head pin, then a bead cap. You’ll have to push the beadcap on over the pearl as it is a tight fit. Slide a 4mm pearl on the headpin on top of the bead cap. Trim the excess wire and use your round nose pliers to create a simple loop at the top, to create a drop.
  4. Repeat the last step to create five more drops.
  5. Attach a drop to the end of each length of chain that you have cut.
  6. Slide your three different lengths of chain onto a jump ring in the following order: one of the shortest, one of the medium length, and one of the longest lengths. Close the jump ring. Repeat with another jump ring and the remaining three lengths of chain.
  7. Use another jump ring to attach this to the earwire, and repeat for the other.


You could vary this basic design in so many ways! There is a plethora of beautiful colors in the Swarovski pearls to choose from, the styles and finishes of beadcaps are plentiful, and you can use your choice of chain, as long as it has links to attach to, and is somewhat dainty.

These earrings measure 2.5” in length from the earwire. However, if you want to make them shorter or longer to your liking, just adjust the lengths of chain accordingly.

Have fun with it and make them your own!

Happy Creating!


Mood Bead Earrings

Did you have any mood jewelry when you were young? I remember having a mood ring that I thought for sure was magic, and perhaps that was the beginning being someone who likes to fidget and play with her jewelry :)


If you haven’t discovered the Mirage Mood Beads yet, you’re in for a treat.  These are really great beads and a favorite to work with around here! Not only are they a nice quality, good looking bead, but they work just like the old mood jewelry of the 60’s and 70’s and change colors with variations in temperature. How fun!


To Make The Earrings:

  1. Open two of your 17mm  jump rings, slide a Mood Bead on each one, and close the jump rings.
  2. Close the remaining 17mm jumprings so they are neat, solid circles.
  3. Using your four smaller oval jump rings, connect the large rope jump rings to create two links with three rope jump rings each, and the mood beads at the bottom as shown in the picture.
  4. Open the loop on the Crystal Earwires just enough to attach the top rope jumpring, and very gently use your jewelry pliers to close it.
  5. Variations: As always, vary this style to be more your own! If you like shorter earrings, I think these would be very cute with just one large jump ring as well!

I just used a couple of the mood beads on a simple pair of dangly earrings here, but the possibilities are endless with these Mood Beads, and I can guarantee, they are a unique and fun thing to wear, however you decide to use them.

Happy Creating!


July 4th Earring Kit Giveaway

Add a little bling to your 4th of July party with these fun and festive earrings!

We are giving away these earring kits to help you celebrate in style!


To get yours, simply place an order over $25 and write “July 4″ in the comments field when you checkout!

Valid thru Friday June 20th.

Happy Creating!

The Team @ Bello Modo