Ruby Dragonfly Bracelet

July’s traditional birthstone is Ruby and since we don’t carry real rubies we decided to expand our creativity into other beads and components. ;) In looking at all things ruby colored in the shop, we found a gorgeous ruby Czech Glass dragonfly button and I was inspired to use it in my go-to bracelet for highlighting special buttons.


This bracelet makes a great first project for someone who wants to learn the art of tying macrame knots and can be completed in about an hour for the more experienced knotter.  With the help of the fantastic Beadalon Tying Station, this fun bracelet was completed and on my wrist in less than the duration of a movie! Check out this review of the Tying Station if you are unfamiliar with it.














  1. Cut two, one yard pieces of C-Lon.  Hold together and fold in half.  Slide the button to the middle point and tie an overhand knot to secure the button in place.
  2. Using the foam pad plate on the tying station, secure the button under the foam.  Separate one working cord on each side and two filler cords in the middle.  Secure the two filler cords under the bottom plate on the tying station.
  3. Tie ten square knots.
  4. Slide one cube onto each working cord and tie two square knots tightly underneath.  Repeat until desired length (22 repetitions were used for this 7.5 inch bracelet).
  5. Add one more cube on either side and finish with five square knots.
  6. Separate the cords into one working cord and one filler cord on either side and tie one overhand knot on each side, snug to the last square knot tied.
  7. About a half inch past these knots, hold all cords together and tie one overhand knot.  This is the loop-clasp for your button closure.
  8. Separate the cords into two sections again and tie another overhand knot on each side about a quarter-inch down.  Trim cords.

Created for Bello Modo by Ashley from Wild Human Designs.


Blue Silk and Ruby Earrings

Pam hardly had the new package of TierraCast stepped charms poured onto the table when I grabbed these ruby colored charms and took off to make a pair of earrings with them!


I knew chain would be involved and the charm would dangle between various lengths of chain.  I also knew that I wanted something else to be included, but was unsure of what this would be.  I looked through the lucite for a bit, then settled on these adorable little Czech glass Blue Silk Bellflowers to accent the design.



  1. Take one bellflower and one headpin, place the headpin through the hole in the bellflower with the points of the bellflower facing down, cut the headpin to about a quarter inch sticking out of the top of the bellflower and make a simple loop.
  2. Repeat for the remaining seven bellflowers.
  3. Cut two pieces of chain with nine links each.
  4. Cut two pieces of chain with 29 links each.
  5. Cut two pieces of chain with 32 links each.
  6. Use one of each lengths for each earring.
  7. Attach a charm to the end of each nine link length with a jump-ring.
  8. Attach a bellflower to each end of the remaining four lengths of chain.
  9. Hold a jump-ring and first slide a link from the longest chain, just off center of its middle point, onto the jump-ring.  Then add the top link from the chain with the charm.  Finally, add the last piece of chain, also just off center of its midpoint.  This makes it so that there is a length of chain with bellflowers on either side of the length with the charm.  Close the jump-ring.
  10. Slightly open the loop of the earwire, slide it through the jump-ring holding the lengths of chain.  Close the earwire loop.
  11. Repeat for the second earring.

Created for Bello Modo by Ashley from Wild Human Designs.

Stringing Giveaway

Update 7/1/15:

Congratulations to Deborah Commander, Barbara Meighan and Christine Jones! You’ve Won!!!

Send an email to or call (360)357-3443 to give us you current shipping address so that we can send you your winnings!


We will be dividing up this assortment of stringing materials into three Giveaways!


Just leave a comment here, or on Facebook, and answer the question:

“What is your favorite stringing material and why?”

Alternately, if you are placing an order just type “Stringing” into the comments during checkout and you will be entered to win.

All entries must be in by Monday 6/29/15 Midnight PST. Winners will be announced on Tuesday  6/30/15.

Remember to check back on Tuesday to see if you won!

Best Wishes!

The Team @ Bello Modo

Jurassic Lanyard

Have you seen the new Jurassic World movie yet? So fun! Here’s a great Jurassic World inspired lanyard for kids, people who work with kids or kids at heart :)


Base Materials:


Optional Extras:


  1. If you are into stamping you could add important contact info on the dog tags for kids (parents phone number etc.).
  2. Add the lobster claps to the key ring and add your keys.
  3. Use it for your ID badge.
  4. You could also (sew it along the seams, or not) add a crimp to the other end as well as a clasp for a choker necklace or a bracelet.

And of course anything else you can imagine.

Have fun!

The Team @ Bello Modo

Make a Fun Ribbon Pendant

Make a quick and fun pendant with a bit of ribbon and trim! 


What a fun and easy way to make a pendant that matches your outfit, organization, or affiliation.

I used a 6″ length of jacquard ribbon, along with 12″ of tiny pom pom trim and one Basketweave or fold over ribbon crimp 38mm (1.5″), one jump ring (I took one link off a section of chain) and for the necklace I used a length of Silver Silk.

This pendant could be constructed in a number of ways. I used glue to attach the tiny pop pop trim to the inside edges of the ribbon, letting it dry for a few hours, then pressed it togher with a small line of glue inside on top of the pom poms to afix the piece together, so it is the same front and back. I could have used only a 3″ piece of tiny pom poms, but I wanted the pom poms to be full and abundant looking. And, sewing instead of gluing might have been a better solution, but it worked fine the way I did it. When adding the crimp at the top edge I did also add a tiny line of glue to help make it permanent. I used my flat nose pliers to gently flatten the crimp down, and once it was good I added the jump ring and from there finished up with the chain made of Silver Silk.  You could use any chain, pearls, beads, the skies the limit here.


Rolo Chain & Leather Bracelets

These Rolo chain & leather bracelets couldn’t be easier to make. Literally about five minutes… it actually takes longer to gather all your supplies.


They are fun bracelets to make, comfortable to wear and can mixed and matched in so many ways using different finishes and colors.



  1. Cut your chain into 6 to 7″ lengths. You want it to be a bit shorter than the finished size of the bracelet. I used 7″. Cut the number of lengths that you want for the chosen width of the bracelet 3, 4, 5 or more. And before you cut you need to know that each length of chain needs to start with a link facing sideways so you can run the leather through the set of links. Cut the chain so the links are facing the same way, Rolo chain links go forward, sideways, forward… the links are at 90 degree angles to each other.
  2. Once you have all the lengths cut with the links lined up in the same direction, take your piece of leather and run through the first set of links so that it is centered. Take each end and run them through the next set of side facing links, skipping the front facing ones, so it’s every other set of links. Run one end through the links from the left and one from the right, so they pass each other from both directions and you end up with the ends out both ends ready to use again. Firm up the fit, not too much just enough to eliminate any extra, then continue on lacing the ends through every set of side facing links till you reach the end of the chain.
  3. Now, take the ends and run both through the original beginning set of links, so that first set will end up with three strands of leather through it and the bracelet will be a circle now.  Try it on, pulling it loose enough to get it over your hand and note how much needs to be loosened up to get it on. Cut both of the ends about three inches longer than needed to get it on, and slip a bead on each end, tying a knot at the end to trap the bead. Trim up the end close to the knot. This will keep it from un-threading.  If the ends are too long for you, its easy to adjust the ends to fit after you have tried it on. Just clip off the knot and re-tie to shorten them. Better longer than shorter though!

There you have it! Quick easy and fun. No one needs to know how easy they are to make, let them think you are a master at your craft! And, this can be a great Father’s Day gift, Birthday gift, Thank you gift, well you get the idea!

Have fun!

The Team @ Bello Modo



Pearls and Leather Simple, Elegant, & Easy

Pearls can make every outfit better, and Swarovski pearls are so easy to work with. Their uniformity makes it easy to thread them, especially the large holed ones, 5811’s. They fit nicely on .5mm leather cord.

This necklace is a quick and easy, a fun and casual piece to make and anyone can do this it’s so easy.

I chose two colors of .5mm leather cord started with a button for my closure. Run both colors of leather through the shank on the button and ties a knot to secure it. Trim the excess and then start stringing pearls, alternately on one color knotting both cords and then threading a pearl on the alternate color and knot. Once it is a long as you want, tie a knot then tie a second knot that your button can fit through. You can add a drop of glue to the knot to make sure it’s secure, but i did not and its fine. Easy and they look like they could have come from some upscale trendy catalog.


This is a lariat meant to be worn with the loose ends casually looped over each other in the front. The leather is natural, adding to the “Sundance” look of this piece. You can make this as long or short as you wish, easy casual fun to wear with jeans and a tee shirt.


Perfect to wear with a summer dress or to the office!


Easy, casual but lustrous!




Swarovski Large Holed #5811 10 or 12mm pearls

.5mm Leather your choice of color

Button for closure if desired