Druzy Bracelet

When I saw Pam’s Druzy earrings, I knew I had to make myself something gorgeous with these amazing beads.  We have several colors in stock and I thought I would look up some color meanings to help me choose.  I read about color meanings at this webpage, http://old-earth.com/color-meanings.html and decided on the sparkly peachy/champagne Druzy bead that we have here at Bello modo.


This bracelet is one of those super easy to put together pieces that turns out absolutely stunning!  The high quality components from Nunn Design and the sparkly Druzy pendant beads certainly help accomplish this task!

Here is what you need to make this bracelet:

6 x 12mm Coin Druzy Beads

6 x Ornate Mini Pendant Circle

1 pack x Jump Ring 9mm – Textured Oval (You will need 7 jump rings)

1 pack x Jump Ring 8mm – Large (You will need 2 jump rings)

1 pack x Jump Ring 4.5mm – Small (You will need 1 jump ring)

1 x 15mm Lobster Clasp

1 x Super New Glue


First, drip a few drops of glue into a bezel and place a druzy bead into it, spin it around a couple times to be sure that the glue has dispersed and let sit.  Repeat with the other 5 bezels.  Let sit for one hour.

Next, attach one 8mm jump ring to a textured oval jump ring and attach that to the first bezel.  Then add a textured ring to the other side of the bezel and continue until you add the last textured ring to the second side of the last bezel.  You nearly have a bracelet now!

To finish, attach an 8mm jump to the last textured jump ring, add one 4.5mm jump ring, and finally, attach the 4.5mm jump ring onto the lobster clasp.  Complete!


Enjoy your bracelet and please do send us photos of any bracelets or jewelry you have made with inspiration from this tutorial.


Created especially for Bello Modo by Wild Human Designs.

Wild Human Designs offers tutorials through the Bello Modo blog and is always available for custom orders!



New Vintaj Vogue Giveaway!

We are loving the New Vogue Collection from Vintaj Natural Brass! It keeps your designs light and bright. Perfect for a mixed metal look and shows off patinas beautifully!


One Lucky Winner will receive what you see pictured above!



Fine Print: Must be located within the United States for shipping purposes. 

Good Luck!

The Team @ Bello Modo

Handmade Leather Phone or Camera Straps

Do you need a stylish strap for your phone or camera? Consider making one, they are easy to put together and you can choose the type of leather or style and color!


Imagine your phone or camera on one of these beauties!




Try the leather out in the clasp end to make sure you like the length of the finish strap. Trim it down if you want it to be a bit shorter.

Fold the leather in two and slip on the slider .

Apply 2-3 drops of Super New Glue into the clasp piece and place the ends of the leather, folded over with both ends together into the glue, making sure the leather is seated against the bottom of the clasp end. Hold it for 30 seconds or so until it seems partly stable. At this point you can lay it on the table to finish curing. Give it 10 minutes or so to finish curing.

Attach the lobster clasp with a jump ring and you are done!

C-Lon Cord Giveaway


Update 8/24/15:

Congratulations to Bead Cool! You Won!!!

And Thank You to everyone who entered… more giveaways to come :)


We are Giving Away a whole set of C-Lon Cord, 115 Spools!!! One lucky winner will receive one of each color of C-Lon Cord!



We are celebrating our 9th Anniversary this week :) Part of our way of saying Thank You and sending out our appreciation to all of our loyal customers is by having our biggest giveaway to date!

Best wishes!

The Team @ Bello Modo

Mosaic Earrings

I don’t know about you, but I often end up with a lot of extra materials in my jewelry studio that sit around for way too long. A while back I had purchased a good handful of the rectangle mini links for another project and I never used them all. I’ve had a goal this last year to start using up some of the materials that I’ve had with me for way too long, and it’s been fun challenging myself to do new things with them! These earrings were one of my favorites that I’ve come up with through this process.


I’m a big fan of all the gorgeous finishes that the Czech glass beads come in and I thought the CzechMates Two-Holed Bricks  and the CzechMates Two-Holed Tiles or Squares would create a great mosaic look in the bezels. With the help of a little Crystal Clay, I was able to make that happen easily!


A note on the materials used: I’m listing exactly what I have used for each pair of earrings, but feel free to make your own combination of finishes in metal, colors in Crystal Clay, and colors/finishes of Czech beads…. the opportunity for awesome combinations is endless!

Pair #1 – Silver w/ heart drop

Pair #2 – Gold Single loop/no drop


  1. Mix your 2 parts of epoxy clay together well as stated in the directions on the package. Use less than the size of a pea in your bezel. Use your finger to smash it in the bezel and level it out nicely. You want the clay to not quite fill up the bezel entirely, or you’ll have some overflow when you add the beads. Almost fill it, and level out the clay into a nice flat surface.
  2. Take the Czech Beads of your choosing, 4 Two-Holed Bricks and 1 Two-Holed Tiles or Squares for each bezel, and gently push them into the clay in the bezel as pictured, or in a different arrangement of your choice. Just a gentle push. You only want them to be about ½ way into the clay.
  3. Allow this to cure.
  4. Attach your earwire to the top loop of the bezel, and if you are using the double link bezels, use a jump ring to attach a drop to the end!

That’s it!


You can customize this style in so many ways to your liking. The finishes and shapes of beads available are abundant, and there’s different sizes and shapes of bezels to use. As always, I encourage you to use the materials that you are drawn to using and make it uniquely your own!

Have fun creating!



Earthy Studded Leather Bracelet



LB3I love this bracelet!!!  It is earthy and subdued, yet fierce with the mini studs and giant metal magnetic clasp.  To put it together is a snap!


1 x 60mm Flat Smooth Magnetic Clasp – Antique Silver

30″ (for a 7″ wrist) x 5mm Flat Studded Arizona Leather – Black

30″ (for a 7″ wrist) x 5mm Flat Studded Arizona Leather – Forest Green

30″ (for a 7″ wrist) x 5mm Flat Studded Arizona Leather – Saddle

Super New Glue

Leather Cutter

Measuring Tape

  • Measure your wrist.  There are a couple of things to think about here: 1) the clasp measures 22mm wide and 2) you may want the leather at the top of the cuff slightly longer as arms widen as they go up towards the shoulder.  Come up with the measurement that works for you.  I ended up ordering a half-inch per strip extra of each color so that I could have some room to play.
  • Each color is used 4 times, so if you need 7 inches for your wrist, you need to order 30 inches of each color (this includes the extra 2 inches for play).
  • Using a leather cutter or strong scissors, cut each piece in 4 equal lengths.
  • Decide how you want the colors to lay in the bracelet.
  • Drip Super New Glue into one side of the magnetic clasp and add the leather strips one-by-one.  Be sure that they are in there firmly and, if you like, add a small amount of glue into the clasp from the backside.  Super New Glue will slightly discolor leather,  it is important to add any reinforcement glue you feel is needed from the back.
  • Let this sit until cured, about 10 minutes.
  • Now, you can try on the bracelet and see if you need to make adjustments to the leather length.  Cut any strips if necessary and repeat the steps for gluing the strips into the other side of the clasp.  Be sure your clasp is properly oriented!
  • Finished :)


Created especially for Bello Modo by Wild Human Designs.

Wild Human Designs offers tutorials through the Bello Modo blog and is always available for custom orders!



Be a Blessing Necklace

Lately, it has been important to be to surround myself with beautiful pictures and positive affirmations.


I find much inspiration from my involvement in Brave Girls Club, a very fun and empowering creation of sisters Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins.  Essentially, they put out lots of artwork and classes geared towards healing the soul through creative journaling and mixed media art projects.  The artwork I incorporated into this necklace was found through a simple Google search of “brave girls club”


I resized it to fit the Nunn Design Ornate Large Pendant Square Bezel, printed it on the laser printer, and used Gel du Soleil to create a glass like finish over the image.  This is a simple process that includes a few steps.  First, lightly coat the bezel with Nunn Design Silicone Glue and firmly smooth the image onto it.  Let dry for a few moments and then paint a thin layer of the glue onto the image.  This must dry thoroughly, so it is ideal to let it dry overnight, or at least an hour or two, before filling with resin.

Once the glue dries (and it will dry clear!) slowly drip the Gel du Soliel into the bezel, using a clean toothpick to gently move the gel around so it meets the edges completely and is evenly spread over the image.  I prefer to use just enough to coat the image fully and then place it in the sun or under a UV Lamp.  Let it cure for at least 20 minutes.  Repeat this step with a second layer of resin.  I find that using thinner coats of resin results in a higher quality finished piece without bubbles.

The creative path of this necklace included not only a desire to use new Nunn Design pieces, but also to get some strands of a beautiful (new to me) semi-precious stone off my desk that have been sitting idle while I contemplate what sort of jewelry they could become!  We recently ordered in a new batch of semi-precious stone beads and the one called Apatite caught my eye.  Blue Apatite, like many gems and minerals is thought to have certain metaphysical and spiritual attributes.  Apatite has a variety of aspects and there are a few that perfectly relate to the energy that I hoped to create with this necklace.  Blue Apatite is said to be a strong stone that encourages one to be of service (be a blessing!) in a humanitarian way, accept yourself as you really are, and to gain greater self confidence.  Perfect!  The apatite is strung and knotted on C-Lon Tex 400 Cord in Red and each end is tied tightly to the last piece of Nunn Design Large Loop Cable Chain  on either side of the necklace.  The construction of this necklace would work equally well with any 8mm Round Glass or Stone bead.


Looking towards the new Summer 2015 Nunn Design components, I was drawn to the adorable Itsy Circle Heart Charms and Hummingbird Charms. Hummingbirds have a plethora of spiritual meaning, including love and fearlessness.  They are thought to remind us to be resilient and to expend our energy wisely.  These charms add a perfect touch to liven up the necklace and make it more interesting.  I used Nunn Design 9mm Textured Oval Jump Rings to attach the charms and pendant to the chain.  To finish the necklace, I used the Hammered Toggle Ring and Hammered Toggle Bar, also attached to the chain using a single oval jump ring on either side of the necklace.

I love my new necklace and the message and inspiration I feel and send when I wear it!  What inspirational pieces have you created?

Design by Ashley of Wild Human for Bello Modo