Mother’s Day Cork Bracelet

I wanted to make something simple and pretty for Mother’s Day this year and I came across this Natural Cork Leather with Gold. Once I found the Heart Sliders it just seemed perfect and I knew I had my design.


This Portuguese Cork is nice and light, perfect for spring and summer. The gold really adds a nice touch and because it is so neutral it would go with just about anything you want to wear!

10mm_FlatGoldCork copy

And of course, the magnetic clasp makes it super easy to put on and take off which is always an added bonus.



  1. Trim leather if necessary (see Tip below).
  2. Add slider.
  3. Determine which way you want the clasp to be on the bracelet and then apply a very small amount of super new glue to the end of the cork. Insert it into the clasp and let dry a few minutes.

That’s it :)

Tip: I found that when I wanted to trim the cork a bit, sharp scissors actually worked better for this than the straight cutter (which is made for leather and really does work great on leather).





Planting Trees for Earth Day with a Bracelet Kit!

We love Earth Day around here and to celebrate we have created a new kit.

The really exciting part is that we will be planting one tree for every Earth Day Bracelet Kit we sell during the month of April!


This was inspired by TierraCast and the Om Blossom Bracelet design by Tracy Gonzales.  We decided to make our own version featuring the fun, large holed animal beads from TierraCast along with some beautiful magic beads from Miyuki and Turquoise leather. And, of course we had to add in the Earth button for Earth Day.


The animals included on the bracelet are a lion, an elephant, a rabbit and an owl. In looking at animal symbolism we find that wearing certain animals can remind us of characteristics that we admire or would like to embody more fully.

Animal Symbolism:

  • Lion – Courage, power, authority, dignity and justice.
  • Elephant – Strength, reliability, honor, stability and patience.
  • Rabbit – Love, abundance, health, prosperity, rebirth and harmony.
  • Owl – Wisdom, Mystery, Protection.

The addition of the animals to the Earth Day Bracelet is also just another way to celebrate all of life’s creatures large and small. And as you can see here these beads are cute all the way around!


If you want to learn about where we are making a donation or want to make one of your own, check out It looks like a great organization and we are excited to support them and help make it possible to plant some trees.

For more information on Earth Day or to see if there are events happening in your area go here…

To purchase the bracelet kit click here.

To download and print the PDF instructions click here.

This year Earth Day is April 22nd and remember, we will plant one tree for every kit we sell in the month of April!


The Team @ Bello Modo


Nunn Design Giveaway

Congratulations to Vickie! You won the Nunn Design Winter Collection!


Thanks to our friends over at Nunn Design, we will be giving away the new 2015 Winter Collection (pictured below) to one lucky winner!


To enter post in the comments below:

What is your favorite color?

That’s it!

Entries must be in by Wednesday April 8th at midnight PST and a winner will be announced on Thursday April 9th!



Swarovski Dragonfly Necklace

I have a thing for dragonflies. I feel like it kind of snuck up on me through making jewelry. Anytime I found a component to design with that was dragonfly related, I would scoop it up, and make something pretty. Now, very often when I am vending my jewelry at an event, I’ll have someone walk into my booth and say….”Wow, you really like dragonflies, don’t you?” So by now it’s obvious, as I have so many pieces highlighting dragonflies.


I’ve always thought they were mysteriously beautiful, like they are magical creatures from a long time past living with us now. They carry a lot of symbolism, and it seems that everyone holds onto one piece of their symbolism that resonates with them. The symbolism that resonates with me the most is that they spend most of their life as a nymph or immature, and the amount of time that they are a full grown dragonfly and able to fly is shorter. In this time, they live their life to the fullest, leaving nothing to be desired. This resonates with me in a strong way, and is how I try to live my life… fully!

Here is a great page with various examples of their symbolism: Symbolism/Meaning of a Dragonfly

There are also dragonfly stories, including several books to help children understand death and parents who’ve lost children. I met a woman while vending a show who lost her two children in an accident, and bought a necklace from me with a dragonfly on it, to remind her of them. She shared the story with me, and a teary eyed moment together, as she put her new necklace on. Here is a link to the story she shared with me, and why they were so special to her when she saw them : The waterbug/dragonfly story.

I have been wanting to make a necklace out of the dragonfly pendants for some time now. I love how this necklace turned out, and can imagine many more possibilities in designing with this beautiful crystal.



  1. Cut a piece of wire about 1.5” long. With your round nose pliers create a simple loop on one end. Slide on it a 4mm firepolish bead, the swarovski dragonfly pendant, and another 4mm firepolish bead. Create another simple loop, trimming any excess wire.
  2. Get out your six headpins. Put three beads on three of them, and two beads on three of them. Complete the drops by creating a simple loop at the top and trimming any excess wire.
  3. Using 8” of your chain, cut six pieces in various lengths from ½” to 2” long. Attach a firepolish bead drop to the end of each one. Open the simple loop at the bottom of your dragonfly pendant and slide your chain links on it, staggering the lengths, and close the simple loop. You should now have the ‘tassles’ hanging from the bottom of your pendant (as you see in the picture) and are ready to start on the necklace part.
  4. Cut eight pieces of wire about 1” long each. With your round nose pliers, make a simple loop on the end of each one. Slide one firepolish bead on each one, and then make a simple loop at the other end, trimming any excess wire to create eight links.
  5. Cut four pieces of chain, each 7” long. Take a jump-ring, and put the ends of two of your chains on a jump-ring along with the end of one of the links you created. Use three more jump-rings to continue adding three more links to this chain. When the fourth link is on, attach that one to the top loop of the dragonfly pendant. Repeat this with the other two links of chain and four bead links. You should now have both sides of your necklace complete.
  6. Take another jump-ring and use it to bring two of your chains together and attach your clasp to one end. Use your last jump-ring to bring together your two chains at the other end.

*My finished necklace with the above measurements, measures 19” in length. If you want yours to be shorter or longer, simply adjust your chain length.

Do you feel drawn to dragonflies? What do they symbolize for you? Please feel free to share with us in the comments below!

Happy creating!



Iridescent Green Pearls and Maple Silk Necklace

I really adore designing with pearls. I have always loved using natural pearls, however I tend to reach for Swarovski pearls more often. Besides the luscious colors they are offered in, they lend the benefit of uniformity, plus they are offered in a variety of sizes all the while maintaining a soft and natural look. More and more they seem to be a go-to for me when I am creating.


I’ve had my eye on these Large Iridescent Green Pearls for a while, and I’m so happy with how this necklace turned out. The green iridescent pearls are large hole pearls, which can be really handy in some designs depending on what you are wanting to do. I didn’t need them to have large holes for this project however, what I was drawn to is that they are 16mm and I love big beads! I think they look completely luxurious paired with the gold and brown in this design.



  1. Run your wire through a crimp bead, a wire protector and back through the crimp bead. Use your crimping pliers to crimp the bead.
  2. String your beads in the following order: princess crystal, beadcap, pearl, beadcap, princess crystal, beadcap, pearl, beadcap… and continue until you have used all the beads listed, the last bead strung being a princess crystal.
  3. Slide a crimp bead and a wire protector onto the end. Run the wire back through the crimp bead, and the end crystal. Pull this taught, then crimp the bead using your crimping pliers. Trim any excess wire.
  4. Open your jumprings and attach one to each wire protector at the ends of the strand you just completed.
  5. Cut two pieces of ribbon about 2&½’ long each (longer of you want a longer necklace). Run a ribbon through each of the jump-rings so that you essentially have two long ribbons on each side.
  6. To wear, simply tie the ribbons behind your neck in a bow… it looks beautiful from the back too! If you’ve got long hair, wear it up!

Do you use Swarovski pearls in your designs? Have you used the large hole pearls? If so, in what kind of designs do the large holes come in handy? Please leave us a comment and let us know!

Happy Creating!



Italian Leather Bracelet

Have you seen the new You Collection from TierraCast yet? Such great pieces to play with… I love all the positive messages. The rectangular links work great with the 10mm flat leather. I was really drawn to using the Italian leather… not only is it a beautiful, high quality leather, it’s also nice and soft.


My wrist is 6.25 inches, so I cut the leather to 5.25 inches, which is pretty perfect. It is nice and fitted, if you like it looser adjust accordingly.

To make this bracelet, you will need a Leather Hole Punch tool, a Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Plier, a Leather Cord Straight Cutter and a pair of flat nose pliers.



  1. Measure and trim your leather as necessary.
  2. Line up your centerpiece and press a dot with a pen in the holes to mark your two spots (or see our Handy Tip below*).
  3. Punch the holes using your leather hole punch.
  4. Put the two pieces of the rivet set through the hole with the centerpiece in place. Press firmly with the flat nose pliers to compress the rivets and hold everything in place.
  5. Repeat steps two through four with the rivets and the Link Strap Tips.
  6. Gently and carefully bend the rectangle link using the Nylon Jaw Bracelet Bending Plier so that it conforms to your wrist.
  7. Use your small jump-rings to attach the Mag-Lok clasp.
  8. Use the medium jump-rings to attach the drops.

*Handy Tip:

Use a White Opaque Pen on the leather for easier, and more accurate, hole punching!



As always, make it your own and use pieces that you feel drawn to using and that speak to you! Here are some other options to get your creative juices flowing:

Have fun and enjoy!




Glass Leaves Necklace

I tend to be drawn to anything having to do with leaves or trees in jewelry and jewelry making supplies. I also always enjoy working with glass components. So naturally, the glass leaf drops have quickly become a favorite of mine. I absolutely love that the brass loop at the top is built in, it makes designing with them a snap!


I tend to make a lot of asymmetrical designs. I like that it makes the piece just a little more visually intriguing, and adds a level of uniqueness to it.  I literally saw this necklace in my mind’s eye the moment I picked up these pretty glass leaves.

I’m quite happy with how it turned out… especially the asymmetry of it, as the leaves hang really nicely. Mixing brown with pink has always been a favorite of mine and since Marsala is the color of the year this necklace feels especially fitting (if you could combine these two colors, it would make Marsala!).

Do you ever pick up components, and instantly see the finished design in your mind’s eye? What has inspired you in this way recently? Leave a comment and let us know!



  1. Cut three lengths of chain. Two lengths at 10&½” and one length at 2&¾”.
  2. Open your large, 8mm round jump-ring and slide the end of each of your three chains onto the jump-ring and close it. The shortest length will drop down in the front of the necklace.
  3. Use your two small jump-rings to attach both parts of the clasp to both ends of the long lengths of chain.
  4. Open the loop at the top of a Smoked Topaz leaf just as you would a jumpring or simple loop and attach it to the very last link of your short length of chain in the front of the necklace. Above that link of chain, leave three links open, and on the fourth one, attach a rose leaf. Again leaving three links open, on the fourth add another smoked topaz leaf. Repeat this pattern until you have added three leaves of each color and you are to the top of the short length of chain and center of the necklace.
  5. Choose a side of the necklace to attach the rest of your leaves to. Attach a brown leaf to the next link of chain, after the one that is attached to the large center jump-ring. Continue with the same previous pattern of skipping three chain links, and attaching a leaf to the forth one, rotating colors until you’ve used all your leaves. And you are done!


  1. The glass leaves come in a few shapes and multiple colors, you could mix and match as many as you would like!
  2. Not a fan of the asymmetrical look? run leaves up both sides of the necklace!
  3. Maybe mixing in some metal leaf charms would look nice?
  4. How about mixing in some lucite leaves?

Have fun and make it your own!

Happy Creating!