Ceramic Sliders and Flat Leather

These sliders from Clay River are made for flat leather and make beautiful, quick and easy designs.


With the medium size sliders you can use four pieces of 5mm flat leather (as I did here) or two pieces of 10mm leather.


You can also use one piece of 10mm leather with the small sliders.


Have fun!


Make your own Czech Glass Button Ring and Earrings

Did you know that the ¾” Czech Glass Buttons work great with the Large Circle earrings bezels as well as the Large Circle ring bezels?  I have a huge fascination with the Czech glass buttons. I think they are stunning. Pretty much every last one of them are stunning! This here is one of my personal favorite ways to make simplistic pieces of jewelry with these gorgeous buttons. The design is clean, easy to make, and highlights just the gorgeous button with no distraction.


I will note that not all ¾” buttons you buy will be exactly the same size down to the mm. They also tend to have different thicknesses/shapes a tiny bit… just enough to affect how the button fits into the bezel. Occasionally you will find a button that is a touch smaller than these bezels, in which case you have a touch of room around the button. This is perfectly okay! The trick is to be sure the button is centered when the epoxy dries, and it will still look great. You may also come across some ¾’ buttons that are a little thicker and just don’t sit quite right into the bezel. In this case, I add a little more epoxy to make a good connection, and make sure it dries centered as it may be sitting a little bit more ‘on top’ of the bezel rather than ‘in’ the bezel. Most often however, the ¾” buttons will fit like a dream right into the bezel.

Pick the buttons you love, the ring and earring finish you prefer, and you’ll have some really quick and beautiful earrings and rings!

Ring Materials:

Earring Materials


  1. Use a your cutters to snip the metal shank off the back of the button. Take a Metal file and file what is left of the metal shank down so that it is flush with the back of the button.

           Note: be gentle with this step. Use hearty cutters, as some of the more dainty jewelry ones may get nicks in them as the metal shanks are a very hard metal. Also, be gentle as the buttons are glass, and it’s totally possible for them to break on you… not common when snipping the shank off, but totally possible. Some of these button come with glass shanks on the back of them. I have used an electric sanding belt to sand the glass shank off the back, but honestly I’ve had a hard time not breaking every other button doing this, so I tend to stick to buttons with metal shanks. I encourage you to try to work with the glass shanked ones if you feel drawn to, perhaps you’d have better luck filing the shank off than me :)

  1. Mix your epoxy, use a toothpick (or something similar) to put a little epoxy on both the bezel and the back of the button, and set the button into the bezel.  The amount you use will vary depending on how the button fits into the bezel. if it sits all the way into the bezel, you don’t want to use much as to avoid having epoxy ooze out the sides when you place the button. However, if the button doesn’t sit all the way into the bezel, you’ll want to use a little more to ensure a good connection.

NOTE: You want to let these cure (let the epoxy harden) sitting upright so that the buttons don’t end up wonky! How I do this is I fill the bottom of some kind of small container/tray/box/tupperware with something like rice, or lentils. I set the ring and earrings into the rice or lentils so that the face of the bezel is sitting perfectly in the top with the button sitting perfectly flat.  

Have fun!


Matubo and SuperDuo Necklace: Updated!

This chunky necklace by Nela Kábelová is a great way to show off a collection of Matubo 7/0 seed beads and SuperDuos.

It’s really more of a recipe than a pattern. There are three tutorials for the three bead sizes, showing you how to make the large, medium, and small beaded beads.

With all three sizes all you need do is string them along with some chunky stone beads and the funky clasp of your choice and you’re done!

8-image-File-2-EN_Small-beaded_bead--resizecrop-c446xc294 (1)
Image courtesy of Matubo Beads

Here are the instructions for the Small BeadMedium Bead and Large Bead. Let us know if you have any questions!

Please note: This pattern is for personal use only. Please contact the designer for any other usage questions.

Bling Rings part 2

Among the Nunn Design findings we offer are the  deep bezel rings in several shapes, including this one, called the small square deep bezel ring. It happens to be just the right size for Swarovski #4481 Vision Stones.


A bit of Crystal Clay in the bottom of the bezel makes a seat for the stone. Easy peasy!

  • You can find the rings on our website here,
  • and the stones here.
  • Crystal Clay lives here.

Make The Go-To Necklace

Having a nice black necklace that you love to wear in your collection is essential. I wear a lot of black , so this one gets  a lot of wear!


I’m curious… how much jewelry do you have compared to clothing in your closet? If you are anything like me, you may have a bit too much of both. I generally only wear a small portion of my jewelry most often, just like the clothes in my closet. There are always the ‘go-to’ pieces that I wear a lot, and this necklace is one of those pieces for me. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret. You can take a Circle Grande Pendant,  a 1 & ¼” Czech Glass Button, some Epoxy, and you’ve got yourself a pendant :) The combinations you could make are virtually endless. 

Below are the materials and instructions for this necklace but as always, I invite you to switch up the materials you use to suite your taste! See below for some ideas.



  1. Use wire snippers and snip the metal shank off of the back of the button, then take a metal file and file it down so what is remaining of the metal shank is at least flush with the back of the button. You can tell this by laying it down on a flat table.
  2. Mix your two parts of epoxy together, use a toothpick (or something similar) to put a dime sized amount inside the bezel, and about the same on the back of the button. The key is get get a fair amount of epoxy in to be sure there is a solid connection, but not to much that it flows out of the bezel when you put the button in the bezel. Before the epoxy dries and hardens, you can spin the button around and be sure that it is placed in the bezel just how you want it. Set it aside and let it harden/dry before completing the necklace.  
  3. Cut two lengths of chain: one being 9” and the other being 5” (this will make about an 18” necklace. If you want it longer or shorter adjust accordingly).
  4. Cut three pieces of wire each 1&¼” long. Create  a simple loop on one end of each.  Put a metal bead, a crystal, then another metal bead on each piece of wire, then end it with a simple loop, trimming any excess wire as needed to create three complete links.
  5. Open your five links of Large Textured Cable Chain with pliers just as you would  a jump-ring. Open two links of your Small Textured Cable Chain as you would a jump-ring (these chains are not fused, so you can easily use the links just as you would a jump-ring). Use a link of the small chain to attach a link of the large chain to the bail/loop on your pendant. Assemble the beaded links you created with the chain links as shown in the picture, using a large link in between each beaded link.
  6. Finish the necklace off by attaching the shorter length of chain to the end of the side with beads on it and the longer length of chain to the other side. Attach both parts of your toggle clasp to the ends of the necklace.

That’s it!


Feel free to alter what materials you use to suite your own style! This is why we love making jewelry right?

  • Use a different: crystal, metal finish, button or clasp.
  • I am a big fan of making necklaces asymmetrical with the beads on just one side. You can certainly make this symmetrical by putting beads on both sides.
  • Or, maybe you want to skip the beads and keep it simple with just the chain?

Happy creating everyone!


Make a Blingy Ring with Deep Bezel Rings and Swarovski Stones

Every gal needs a bling ring! Perfect to wear out with the girl’s, or to an evening cocktail party! Fun! Blingy! and a conversation starter. It’s especially nice when you can say you made it yourself.

Swarovski’s Solaris stone is a perfect fit for Nunn Design’s large Deep Bezel Ring.

BR1The 23mm stone is 8 sided but still fits and looks good in the round ring bezel.


This color is called Crystal Lilac Shadow, a favorite of mine! We currently only have this color in stock, (hey, a girl has to buy in her fav first!) but can order other colors or finishes in. Email me if you want to talk about this: support@bellomodo.com



Mix an equal amount of the two parts of Crystal Clay together until the color is solid (follow the directions that come with the clay). Once you have it mixed, fill the ring bezel to about 1/2 full and try the stone in it. Add or subtract till the stone sits just right in the bezel.

Trim and tidy around the edge of the stone, removing any clay that is poking out. A toothpick is a really useful tool for this. Take a look at the ring and determine if it’s level and in the right position.

When you like how its positioned take a baby wipe and gently wipe all finger prints and clay residue from the stone.

Set it aside to cure, giving it an hour or two to be totally setup and then wear it with pride!

Next post: Making a Bling Ring part two.

Pirate Booty Giveaway

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