Simply Knotted Pearls

A strand of pearls… simple, classic and elegant. These couldn’t be easier to make and sometimes, that’s all a girl needs ;)


These particular pearls are a limited edition, because we are closing out our stock of freshwater pearls before we get in new ones, from a new source.

If you didn’t see our previous post of how you can buy some of these freshwater pearls at a discounted price check out this post.

For this necklace I used the Easy Knotter. If you are not sure how to use it, check out this tutorial here from the woman who invented it.



*You might have enough beads left over from your strand to make a matching bracelet or earrings depending on how long  you want your necklace.


  1. Cut your C-Lon and make a knot towards one end using the Easy Knotter (leave an inch or so of thread to work with at the end for when you attach the crimp tube).
  2. Add a pearl, then another knot according to the instructions in the video.
  3. Continue until you have your desired length. Then thread the cord through one of the crimp tubes and get it right up next to the knot, crimp it (flatten it firmly) with a pair of chain nose pliers. Repeat for the other end and trim any excess cord.
  4. Attach a small jump-ring to each crimp tube.
  5. Attach the medium jump-ring to one of the small jump-rings. Then attach the lobster clasp to the other small jump-ring.

Voila! Julia Child would be proud :)


  • You could make a triple strand and 1). have them be different lengths or 2). make them same length and twist them.
  • Of course, feel free to use different pearls (a different size, shape, color etc.)
  • If you are using different pearls you might also use different C-Lon.
  • Add in other beads of your choice.

Have fun!



June Birthstone – Pearls

Pearls are the birthstone for June. We love freshwater pearls for their uniqueness, luminosity and iridescence. We actually have a beautiful selection of freshwater pearls from when we used to do shows. However, many of them are not online and will be closed out since most can not be re-ordered. Look at how gorgeous these are!

PearlsSo what we have decided to do to help you celebrate the beauty of pearls and all those June babies you love and to help us close out our stock is to post this picture.

If you are interested in purchasing some of our pearls just send us an email to… let us know what your preferences are (color, size, shape etc.) and give us your phone number. We will do some research and give you a call to work out the details and let you know what the discounted price is.

Stay tuned for a few inspired designs later this week using some of these pearls!

You can see what we do have online here.

If you prefer the symmetry and consistency of the Swarovski pearls you can see those here.


The Team @ Bello Modo.

P.S. We are working on buying in new pearl stock soon so if you prefer to wait and see what we have online keep an eye out for the notification in the newsletter.




Semi Glazed Rainbow Bracelet

We just got in our first shipment of the new Semi Glazed seed beads from Toho… they are Gorgeous!


Ashley from Wild Human Designs made this multi-strand bracelet which highlights very nicely how beautiful they are. There are lots of great colors to choose from, so feel free to choose your own!

You can download the free PDF pattern HERE.


The Team @ Bello Modo


Ocean Breeze Necklace

We’re always getting new things into the shop and of course that makes me want to play with them and make something out of them. This week it was a new piece from Green Girl (the Grateful Heart Bird Coin) and a new color of WireLace, Ocean Mist, that caught my attention. This particular pendant with the ocean theme seemed perfect for the new WireLace and the idea was born…


One of the best things about WireLace is how well some of the colors go together. The Ocean Mist goes perfectly with the Turquoise and the Sea Foam. Here, I am using 6mm WireLace and that works really well with 6/0 Round Seed Beads.


The Green Girl Pendant also has a secret message on the back to remind you what’s important and to keep it positive :)




  1. Take one strand of Wirelace and twist one end to make it thin and pointy. Add a combination of Sea Foam Picasso Beads and Pewter Beads to your liking. Repeat with the other two strands of WireLace. Spread them out and space them again to your liking.
  2. Hold the three strands of WireLace on one end and tie them together into a simple knot.
  3. Lay them out on a table and separate them a little. To make a simple twist just move the far right strand to the far left and keep repeating until you get to the end and the whole thing is lightly twisted.
  4. Hold it up to your neck to see how long or short you want your necklace to be and then tie a knot on the other end.
  5. Make a little space in the middle of your necklace by spreading out the seed beads (evenly on both sides).  Attach your pendant by gently pinching the bail through the hole of the pendant.
  6. Trim the ends of the WireLace (what is beyond the knot). Gently close the clam shell over the knot.
  7. Attach an oval jump-ring to each of the clam shells (and close the loop of the clam shell if it is open). To one side add the lobster clasp.
  8. To make your three dangles:
    1. Add a round jump-ring to the drop bicone, attach that to the eye pin. To the eye pin add a Sea Foam bead, and a heishi.
    2. To a head pin add the princess cut bead, a heishi and a Sea Foam bead.
    3. To the other head pin add a Sea Foam bead, a heishi and a round crystal.
  9. Add a round jump-ring to the bottom of the pendant and attach your three dangles with simple loops.


This is a basic design that can be changed in so many ways…

  • Use a different pendant.
  • Use different colors of WireLace and/or seed beads.

Really the possibilities are endless!

Have fun!



Ceramic Pendant Necklaces

These ceramic pendants are brand new to the shop. They are really beautiful and well made. Being substantial, colorful and interesting makes it possible for these to be stand alone focal pieces for quick and easy necklaces.


I decided on 1.5mm natural leather, distressed oval beads and 2mm cord end caps to complement the pendants. I also added a little chain at the end to make them adjustable.


Materials for Dog Tag Necklace:

Materials for Round Necklace:


  1. Cut the leather to your desired length. Fold the leather in half and put both ends through the hole of the pendant, then put the ends through the loop on the other side to secure the pendant.
  2. Add the three distressed oval beads.
  3. Add one small drop of glue to the end of the leather and add the end cap. Repeat with the other end.
  4. Add one jump-ring to the end cap and attach the lobster clasp.
  5. Add the other jump-ring to the other end cap and attach your desired length of chain.
  6. Put the round crystal on the head pin and make a simple loop, attach this to the end of the chain.

That’s it!

Have fun!



Mirage Mood Bead Necklace

If you are looking for a way to bring some more fun, light and color into your designs check out these Mirage Mood Beads!


The mirage beads work just like the mood rings I had as a kid! They change colors brilliantly with temperature change.

I’m very pleased with how this necklace turned out, and after making it, I’m now a bigger fan of these beads, and feel like I’ll be using them much more in the future.


Since I made this necklace long, it gives me  a chance to ‘play’ with the beads as I wear it, watching the colors ever changing.




  1. Using your wire and the large various mirage beads, create nine links with a mirage bead and a flower spacer on each side of the bead… finish each end with a wrapped loop.
  2. Using your wire and the 6mm round mirage beads, create 18 links with just one bead on each and a simple loop on either end.
  3. Get out your foot of chain. You will find that the links of this chain are not fused, so you can open them like jumprings. Open each link and separate it from the chain, you should have 27 oval rings. Use these rings to attach all of the bead links you made and create your necklace!
  4. This is the order I attached them in: oval ring, small bead, oval ring, small bead, oval ring, large bead… and just keep repeating this pattern until you are done.
  5. There is no clasp on this as it is long enough to put over your head, so just connect the last piece to the first to complete the chain.


***The sky’s the limit! ***

  • Make it longer with more beads.
  • Make it shorter with less beads.
  • Add a clasp.
  • Use only the shapes of beads that appeal to you.
  • Use different jump-rings to attach.
  • Make it so long that you can wear it as a double necklace if you would like.
  • Make some simple drop earrings to match.

Have fun and make it your own!

Happy Creating!




Mother’s Day Clip-On Earrings

Mother’s day is coming up quickly, which also means spring is right around the corner! Yay! As I started thinking about jewelry projects for Mothers Day, clip on earrings came up.


I have done a lot of vending jewelry at various events over the years, and I consistently seem to get the occasional person ask me if I offer any clip on earrings. I generally don’t, as they really are not that popular these days. However, there are some people out there that can only wear clips ons, and I’ve many times seen the disappointment on their face when I tell them that I don’t sell them. Apparently it’s tough to find yourself a pretty pair of clip on earrings!

Perhaps your mom or grandmother is one of those ladies? If so, I made a pretty pair of clip on earrings to highlight one of the handful of options we carry at Bello Modo for clip-on components. True, that not many people wear them anymore, but the ones that do will seriously appreciate you making them a pair.

Below is the materials list and instructions for the spiral crystal drop earrings I made, and here is a list of the clip-on earring components Bello Modo carries for you to choose from:

Screwback Earclip Set ~ Silver Plated

Screwback Earclip Set ~ Gold Plated

Clip Spiral Antique Gold (pair of 2)

Clip – Spiral Antique Silver (pair of 2)

Clip Hammertone Brass Oxide (pair of 2)

Clip – Hammertone Bright Rhodium (pair of 2)

Clip – Hammertone Bright Gold (pair of 2)

Clip – Hammertone Black (pair of 2)

Clip Beaded Antique Gold (pair of 2)

Clip – Beaded Antique Silver (pair of 2)

Materials List:


  1. On each head pin, slide a heishi, a teardrop crystal bead, and another heishi.
  2. Leave enough headpin to make a simple loop, trimming the rest with your flush cutter. Create a simple loop at the top of each to complete your drops.
  3. Open your simple loop to attach the drop you made to the loop on your spiral clip-on component.

That’s it! It’s really simple & quick to make someone who only wears clip-ons a very happy person.


This project is a simple design that you can mix and match whatever components you would like. Have fun and make it special for the person you have in mind (or for you!).

  1. Check out the above listed options for clip on components and use the ones that you are drawn to.
  2. There is also a huge selection of heishi & spacer beads to choose from.
  3. Of course there is a grand selection of Swarvoski beads to choose from too.

Have fun creating!


P.S. And, in case you want to know what the back of these clip-ons look like…