Lucite Owl Earrings

Allow me to introduce you to one of my all time favorite beads in the Bello Modo shop… the 2 sided Lucite owl beads! They are adorable, nice and light for a large bead so they make great earrings, and they come in fantastic colors! Did I mention they are 2 sided?


Owls carry a lot of symbology behind them, and are a very special creature to me. I love creating jewelry that has a little extra meaning than just being pretty. Wearing my owl earrings remind me of the symbology that the owl holds for me. Here is a great simple explanation of owl symbology: Owl Symbol

These are a fun and quick earring project to do! Very simple for beginners. I have sold a lot of these earrings as well. People love them!



  1. Place a melon bead, and owl bead, and another melon bead on a headpin. Trim the headpin down a bit accordingly, and use your round nose pliers to create a simple loop at the top. Repeat with the other head pin and beads.
  2. Open the loop on your french ear wire and attach your owl drop that you made. Repeat with the other one!

That’s it! Easy peasy. Pick the colors that you are drawn to, and maybe a matching bracelet?

Hoot hoot!

Have fun creating!


P.S. For another example of how to use the lucite owls in a pair of earrings check out the Amethyst Owl Earrings post from Wild Human which you can see here…


Fashionable Cuff-Style Leather Bracelet

This new ornate flat leather has been catching my eye since it came in the door!  I am having a lot of fun creating bracelets with the fun wide magnetic clasps we offer.  So far, we have them in 20, 30, 40, and 60mm widths.  These bracelets come out looking like a designer piece and no one ever suspects they took 15 minutes to put together!


It is pleasing to obtain a dual look of a wrap bracelet and a cuff at the same time!  This bracelet has two of my favorite 10mm Flat Leather Sliders,  the Star and the Crystal Slider.  I am continually impressed by the variety of leather that we are able to offer at Bello Modo!  This bracelet uses 5mm Flat Leather in Rust, 10mm Patterned Flat Leather in Ornate Aquarium, and 10mm Egyptian Style Flat Leather in Red.


Quickly becoming my favorite clasp, this is the 40mm Flat Hammered Magnetic Clasp in Antique Silver.


Construction and Component List:

To put this bracelet together in a snap, measure your wrist and order the leather in a quantity minus the clasp length of 43mm (1.7inches).  So for my 7.5 inch wrist I ordered 7 inches for each piece of leather (a total of 14 inches of the colors that I used twice) so that I could have some room to play with how I wanted the bracelet to sit and move around on my wrist.  I did not want it to be too tight or too loose, but just enough to have some movement.

Cut your leather pieces if needed and place them into one side of the magnetic clasp.  Place the bracelet (this will be tricky but will show you if you need to trim the leather a bit to have the perfect fit) around your wrist and get an idea of how and where you want it to sit.  Trim leather if needed.

With one side of the magnetic clasp, drip a line of Super New Glue into the clasp, be careful not to use too much as it will come up out of the clasp and discolor the visible leather.  Place each piece of leather into the clasp and hold into place for a moment.  Leave the bracelet tosit for several minutes to cure.  Next, place your sliders onto the leather.  Finally, with the bracelet open and the clasp in two pieces, take the second part of the clasp (double check the orientation is proper so that the clasp fits together when you are finished!) and affix the leather in the same manner as the first side.  Hold for a moment, then let sit and cure for several minutes.

The last step is to glue down your sliders, unless you want them to move around the bracelet.  Put your bracelet on and figure out just where you want the sliders to sit.  Take the bracelet off and move the slider over slightly and place a drop of glue in the spot and move the slider carefully back onto the glue.  Press and hold for a moment, then continue with the remaining sliders.  Finished!

Supply List:


Created especially for Bello Modo by Wild Human Designs.

Wild Human Designs offers tutorials through the Bello Modo blog and is always available for custom orders!


Druzy Beads & Nunn Design Bezeled Jewelry

We recently received a selection of 12mm Round Druzy Coin shaped beads and discovered that they fit perfectly in Nunn Design Ornate bezels.

DBJ6There are Ornate Post Earring bezels,


and Ornate Mini pendant bezels in one ring and

DBJ4two ring version available in 4 finishes.  Look in this folder: HERE.  Post Earrings can be found HERE.  Also, I used two-part epoxy glue to glue the beads into the bezels, you could also use Crystal Clay.












Druzy is a coating of fine crystals on a rock fracture surface, vein or within a geode. Druzy occurs worldwide, the most common is perhaps quartz druzy within voids in chert or agates. This stable finish titanium treatment creates a beautiful metallic rainbow effect.

Druzy is said to have metaphysical properties, and is attributed with being able to amplify the body’s natural healing properties, providing balance necessary to avoid depression. Psychics believe that the gem can help open blocked energy.

Make your own earrings or necklaces:


Vintaj Artisan Pewter Giveaway

UPDATE: Christine Thielen Gill wins this collection! Thanks everyone for taking part, loved to read everyone’s ideas!

Next Giveaway: Nunn Design Components, so stay tuned!

VAPGVintaj Artisan Pewter is fun to mix with the other metals, use Patinas and other treatments like Guilder’s Paste to add color and texture.

What will you do with them?

Leave a comment here, or on the Facebook post, and tell us: what you would do with them? We will pick a winner and send them off!

You have until Friday 7/31/15 midnight PST to leave a comment, or post on Facebook. The winner will be announced on Saturday August, 1st.

Colorful Mum Necklaces

Sometimes simplicity is nice, and this is definitely one of those instances. I am really partial to these Mum Cabachons, and love the colors they come in. I made a few of these sweet necklaces in no time at all and I think they are the perfect match for a summer dress!


A note on using Vintaj chain as links/jumprings:

If you haven’t used the Vintaj line enough to know this, here is a hot tip that I personally use a lot when designing.  Not all, but much of the chain that they offer is not fused, meaning you can open the links of the chain just like a jump-ring and use it just like a jump-ring! This comes in handy not only when you don’t have the proper size jumpring around, but also because you can add etched, or oval shapes to your design which I think can sometimes add just that little bit extra. In this case, I used a link of the Elongated Oval Chain to attach the bezel to the chain, and it’s worked great!

*editor’s note: to change this up a bit you can use Vintaj Patinas on the mums to age and add contrast to them.



  1. Mix your 2 part epoxy according to directions. You only need a small dab of it, less than the size of a pea. I like to use a toothpick to mix it, apply a touch to the center of the bezel, and put the Cabochon on. Allow this to cure.
  2. Cut your chain to 18” or your length of choice.
  3. Use a link from your Elongated Oval Chain, or a large jump-ring to put in the hole of the bezel, close it and run your chain through it.
  4. Attach a Jump Ring to both ends of the chain, using one of them to attach your  Lobster Clasp.

As always, use these supplies as a guide for the project, but feel free to pick the chain that appeals most to you, the color of Mum that matches your summer dress, and make it the length you want it! Maybe you want to bead a chain for the pendant instead! Be creative! Make it your own!

Have fun creating!



Make a Statement with this Necklace Design

The inspiration for this piece started with the vintage button that is in the center of the pendant. The colors were a perfect match for Swarovski pearls in Bronze and Dark Grey, and once I saw the pearls along side the button I knew I was on the right path. You may have a button or old piece that would work good for this type of focal piece, a good place to start.


The pendant is a compilation of the button and two Vintaj filigrees, a Brass clock button, and 3 leaves I had in my collection. I patinaed the larger filigree as well as the Vintaj Magnolia Beadcap with silver and brass Vintaj Patinas as I wanted it to blend a bit. I used Crystal Clay to adhere all the components together, including the leaves in the back, using a thin layer to make them lay safely flat.


The Magnolia beadcap has strands of the new Nunn Design Faceted Ball Chain, and also strands of 24ss Rhinestone chain. Sensual and sparkly!

To make this I attached the connectors to the end of  3″ pieces of chain, 4 rhinestone and 4 ball chain then attached them to eyepins, 4 strands on each eyepin, mixed, so 2 of each on each eyepin, then ran the eyepins together through the beadcap and wrapped them around an opening in the larger filigree, trimming and compressing the endings to eliminate any sharpness. After you have it in place check to see that the chains all hang the way you like, trimming any to look good or be the right length.

I prefer pearls strung with a bead between each pearl, in this case the new 2mm fire polished, instead of knotting, as I like using beading wire rather than thread and I like the look and sparkle of a little something in between. You could use 2mm round crystals, I liked the color of the 2mm firepolished. I do this because its more durable, and I also used wire protectors to keep the wire from wearing at the connections. An Elegant Elements clasp finished it off very nicely.

I imagine this piece worn by the Mother of the Bride, or to the opera or a special occasion.

If you desire more information on it’s construction please post a question, I am happy to help.


Materials List



Get out your little black dress! Swarovski Cube Bracelet

This lovely bracelet is glamorous and luxurious, but very easy to make! Perfect to wear to a special occasion, night out, or family occasion.


The cubes are 10mm 5601 Swarovski custom finished Crystal Bermuda Blue. We have several different finishes available. You can see them all HERE.

The other component that makes this bracelet work are the long tube beads and the Hammered Clasp Ring and Bar made by Nunn Design,



To assemble start by adding one crimp on the beading wire followed by one wire protector, running the wire through one side of the protector. Attach so the wire protector sits on the clasp ring protecting the beading wire from wear. Once you have it seated then run the beading wire into the  second side of the wire protector and into the crimp a second time trapping the clasp ring. Crimp it and trim the extra wire.

Now string the long beads alternated with a cube, using all the beads, finishing with a long bead. Check the fit, and if necessary remove or add beads to fit.

Now repeat the wire protector/crimp procedure with the second half of the clasp.

Ta-Da! Done and ready to dazzle!