Bello Modo re-enters the Blogosphere…

After a year and a half of no blogging and losing the original blog written on an old form of WordPress, I am starting over, new slate, new blog.

So, whats up at Bello Modo? Lots of order filling, new Swarovski colors and styles, further adventures in Seed Beads, and new C-Lon colors.

The new Swarovski colors: Cyclamen Opal, Greige, and Crystal Metallic Light Gold, plus the new pearl color: Coral, are spectacular! All winners in our book.

new-greigeGreige, what does that mean? The color is a very sophisticated toned down tan color, very nice, and I predict this one will be very popular. But the name, what does it mean? So I did a search and it’s French in origin, meaning raw or undyed linen cloth. And , it does look a bit like a glittery transparent, raw linen-like color, so question answered.

new-cyclamen The Cyclamen Opal is a pleasing opal rosy berry color, very like a typical Cyclamen flower, and the 2x is OMG!! Gorgeous. The Cyclamen AB looks like its berry stained in a very good way. Another winner.

The third color introduced (very unusual, as usually only twonew-metlightgld are introduced) Metallic Light Gold  is a mid toned gold, very pleasing, not brassy at all. I received the style #5754 Butterfly beads in this finish and I can imagine them with some Jet Nut 5000 made up into earrings, lovely. I will do this and post a picture soon.

The Coral pearls are SOOO 1940’s! What a great color. I predict that people will either love it or hate it, just that kind of color. I can imagine some very cool necklace’s made with these pearls. I look forward to seeing designs appear in the magazines. new-coralpearl

All summer we have been adding to our selection of seed beads. We stock almost everything made by Miyuki, and are more than half way through the Toho offerings. We are adding 15/0’s now, with Bugles and Charlottes close behind. We hope to be on to Matsuno’s by the first of the year, and we plan of offering a selection of Matsuno’s to start with rather than the full line, too much duplication. But the styles we have selected are gorgeous, two toned beads with yummy color contrasts.

We have spent quite a bit of time creating organization systems for all these beauties, and its safe to say, we are all ready to move on, so after we complete the seed beads we will move on to crystals and improve on the organization system we have for them, Woo Hoo!! Really we all are looking forward to moving on to creating our Education and Inspiration Department, something we all daydream about doing. But first we must get things listed, so a listing we go…

And finally a word about C-Lon’s new colors. Recently C-Lon introduced 32 new colors, to a list already 70+ long. I had to ask, why? and theclc_group answer I got back? “We could not resist these colors” and, after seeing them I have to agree. They are more fashionable colors, more complicated less primary, my kind of colors. French Lilac, Cyan, Argentum, Bronze, Chestnut, the list goes on. There was not one color that I thought was a dud.

Nest show: Portland Bead Society’s Bead Bazaar

November 7th-8th at the Montgomery Park Building

Portland, Oregon

One thought on “Bello Modo re-enters the Blogosphere…

  1. I really like Vintaj items and would love to win some to use in new jewelry designs! I keep wanting to try the Inks/Patinas but don’t have enough Vintaj items to justify buying the Patinas. This would definitely help.


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