Common website issues…

We often hear from frustrated customers that their cart was dropped. “I only stepped away from the computer for a minute” or “I was browsing and then when I went to add something more to my cart it was gone!”. This is a very frustrating problem, and we want to help people avoid this time waster which can happen at any site if you are not logged in. After a period of time the software will clear the cart to save on space. If you are logged in though, your cart will be saved until you either check out or delete the items in it.

Logging in also gives you other benefits such as your Wish List. This is a handy tool to use to store items you like or want to compare side by side. You have the leisure of keeping these items in your Wish List forever or moving them to your cart (it’s easy) or just deleting them. It can save you from having to search for that one thing you saw and liked but weren’t sure where it was.

Another feature is your Account. In your account is stored all of your contact info, additional addresses, like your vacation address or a family or friend’s address you want to ship to on occasion, which you can add to or delete at anytime, up to 5 addresses. It also has a record of your orders, and you can look through them to see what you ordered when and how much you paid for it. This can be handy for taxes or just comparison.

You can check on the progress of your current order as well and if you have a credit on your account it will show up, once you are logged in, in the upper left-hand of the home page, and in your account.  Your account is yours to use, no one else has access to it, even us. We can access your basic account info and your orders history but that is all. We can reset your password for you but do not have access to your current password.

So, consider logging in before you begin shopping and you will have a peace of mind, knowing your cart and your session is safe!

One thought on “Common website issues…

  1. There is another very handy thing the Wish List is good for. You can fill it up and then email it to someone. someone like maybe your hubby or best friend, someone who might want to know what you’d really like for your birthday or Christmas!


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