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Get ready for our Swarovski™ Pearl Challenge!

Do you love working with Swarovski’s lustrous, gorgeous pearls? Then this challenge will appeal to you. Bello Modo is hosting a Swarovski Pearl Challenge.

Swarovski Pearls
Swarovski Pearls

Participant’s are invited to enter pieces made with Swarovski pearls as a main material, using any style or color of Swarovski pearls. Any type of piece is welcome, whether it be jewelry or an object, clothing, or something decorative. A poll will be placed on the blog with the entries available for everyone to vote for their favorite. The winner will be the one to have gathered the most votes. In addition an Editor’s Choice winner will be chosen by the staff at Bello Modo. Voting will begin November 1st and conclude November 7th. the Editor’s Choice will be announced shortly after the 7th.

To enter our Swarovski Pearl Challenge:

Email submissions to

  • Submissions must be your own original work and showcase Swarovski Crystal Pearls. It must not have been previously been published or entered in another contest. Please note: Only one submission & vote per person.
  • Next, simply email a good quality photo of the piece you wish to submit (preferably photographed on a neutral background) along with your name and title of the piece.
  • Email submissions to and include in the subject line of your email: Swarovski Pearl Challenge.

    Swarovski Design Inspirations Book
    Swarovski Design Inspirations Book
  • Any type of jewelry, decorative items, or clothing will be accepted.
  • Please, if possible, include a paragraph describing the inspiration behind your design and inspiration.   It may help voters to make a decision if they know a bit about how the piece came to be, but we are not requiring this.
  • Editor’s Pick: be an ‘Editors Pick’ winner in addition to the voted winner. The staff at Bello Modo will choose their favorite design to be featured in a blog post. The Editor’s Pick winner will receive a generous goody bag and a copy of both Swarovski books.

Once you have emailed us your picture your entry will then be posted and will have one week to be voted on by the viewers. The winner of the challenge will be determined by viewer votes and will receive:

  • A copy of Swarovski’s Inspiration Book,and also the Africa/Scandinavia Design Book

    Africa - Scandinavia Design Book
    Africa - Scandinavia Design Book
  • A $100.00 gift Certificate at
  • A posting on our blog with a link to the winner’s site or blog
  • ***We reserve the right to deny submission for any reason.

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