Portland Bead Society Retreat Lucite Challenge Results

We attended the Portland Bead Society Retreat, at the Tolovana Inn, in Cannon Beach, Oregon in early March. Our gift to the attendees was a selection of Lucite pieces from our collection, and we asked the members to consider entering a challenge to use the pieces to make something. We received two entries, one from and the second one from. Originally, we offered a $50.00 gift certificate to the winner of the challenge but since we only got two entries we have decide to award a gift certificate to both of them. Here are the pictures from both winners: Jennifer Gallagher who has this to say about her entry: My inspiration for this piece was a hat that was requested by a dear friend for her upcoming Hawaii adventure

My Etsy page is The Glass Stitch.

and from Merle Sherman, who had this t say about her piece: My inspiration to use these Lucite flowers for the challenge comes from a few different things. It is spring time and the flowers are just starting to unfold, flowers always make me smile. I love to bead and garden. My husband made the Opal spider for me for a special occasion. And Jenny Gallagher made me a most exquisite hatband using Lucite flowers. I have a large hat collection that is just yearning for decorations so I used these inspirations to start the creating. Thanks for the challenge, it was fun to do and fun to wear. I get a lot of positive comments when I wear my hat.

Congratulations ladies, thanks for sending in your entries, and enjoy your certificates which are being emailed to you today.

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