Join us for our Oscars-Inspired Challenge! Over $200.00 in prizes to be awarded!

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The Oscars came and went, leaving us all with lots to say about the styles, jewelry and the show in general. Now, take your inspiration and create a piece to enter in our Oscars Challenge!

I invite you to submit a piece you have made that is inspired by something you see at the Oscars. It can be from this year or a previous year. It can include crystals or not, your choice of materials. It does not even have to be jewelry.

And, for one more day, well until midnight tonight PST, you can use this code: OSCAR good for a 20% Discount on everything on the website to purchase any supplies you might need, for the challenge or not, you can still use the code whether you chose to take part in the challenge.

To enter the challenge send a jpg of your submission to: pam@bellomodo.com by March 11, 2012 at Midnight PST. A description of what inspired you, and any info about the making of your piece will be posted along with your entry, and also include your blog or etsy address so we can direct our readers to your sites.
All entries will be posted on our blog, By March 15th, and we will ask the public to vote for their favorite. Prizes will be awarded as follows:

1st Prize $100.00 Gift Certificate
2nd Prize $75.00 Gift Certificate
3rd Prize $50.00 Gift Certificate

and, as usual the Fine Print about the code:
All codes must be used during checkout as we cannot apply it retroactively. The discount code is valid through midnight on Monday Feb. 27th, and you do not need to take part in the challenge to use the code.

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