Entries in the Oscars-Inspired Challenge!

#1 – From all the dresses I saw at the  Oscars this year I was inspired by Penelope Cruise’s grey elegant dress. I designed an asymmetrical necklace with cabochons, and positioned the cabochons in my drawing, interlocked with beaded “pipes” full of pearls. The necklace catches the neck and values the cleavage underlining the simple elegance of the dress and catching the eyes. The glamour of the necklace is given by the design and especially by the shiny and elegant mother of pearl cabs.
I created a “Medusa” necklace beaded with Miyuki seed beads and mother pearl flat beads and pearls.  The Medusa body is
tentacled and the flat mother pearls are cabochon encased using the chevron style.  The “lace” is beaded with round mother pearls, in a chevron variation technique. The upper side of the laces are beaded also in a chevron style and grey organza is woven in.  Dimension: 16 x 14 cm; 46 cm around the neck.
Here is my website: 


#2 –

I designed this necklace for strapless dresses.  It was used at a bridal fashion show and totally completed the gown.  When I see a lady in a gown with hardly any jewelry I really see the outfit as incomplete.  I feel the right pieces of jewelry compliment and complete an outfit! www.jazzyjewelzbynancy.com

#3- I was inspired by the classic design of Natalie Portman’s necklace.  Using triangle seed beads and 15/0 silver makes my piece casual enough to wear everyday.

#4 –

This necklace is inspired by ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ because it’s high style and sophisticated, but also has some unexpected, fun elements such as the random beads and dangles. To me this fits in with the movie’s over-the-top, somewhat satirical look at the fashion mag industry. I also think it has a little ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ because I can see Audrey Hepburn wearing it in the iconic photo of Ms. Hepburn with the cigarette holder that advertises the movie.
#5 – While looking at all the mega-bling at the Oscars I was trying to think of what in the world a regular woman could wear every day that had some of the beautiful elements of the Oscar jewels.  I noted many flowers, crystals and some outstanding pearls, so decided to try combining them with a cold-connections, mixed metals theme.  I used alcohol inks and sharpies along with copper, brass, lead-free pewter, chain, a CZ crystal  along with a healthy dose of fresh water pearls to create the necklace shown below.  It’s not emeralds and rubies, but it is kind of fun!
#6 –
I was reading a 2003 magazine an article written by Diane Fitzgerald, a name we all know. She interviewed a jewelry artist or Designer Extraordinaire named Ian St. Gielar. A once famous designer in NYC, who has designed jewelry for Whoopee Goldberg to wear to the 1992 Oscar awards, and Warren Beatty in 1999. Who himself dreamed of an Oscar for Fashion some day.
I used some of his collection ideas in my Oscar pieces of jewelry. He was famous for using flowers, beads, butterflies, millions of flower embellishments, rhinestones, faceted glass stones,pearls and metal beads and findings.
Oscar piece of Jewelry number #1 is designed as a small necklace, covered with shimmering beads and pearls of soft muted grays, assembled on a gunmetal filigree metal plate. My secondary element consists of crystals, stone, tiny pewter flowers and glass beads. The neck piece is painted gray 4mm pearls. Creating detail in layering and textures. I call this necklace “Little Beauty”.
Oscar piece of Jewelry number #2 is round in shape, giving the impression of wearing lots of little flower bouquets with tiny plastic flowers. A palette is covered with monochromatic and bold colors. Making it a very bold but a sweet statement. Assembling many glass beads, pearls,pearls, and the center focus piece is an antique PENNY DOLL and a tassel. This is a choker in length, can be worn in the evening or in the day. If your BOLD enough. I call this necklace “The Antique Garden.”
Oscar piece of Jewelry number #3 is a layering of components and juxtaposition of textures. Lots of colors, glass, crystal, pearl, and mirrors. My centerpiece or focal point is a floral necklace I had never worn, dark coral, also a crystal and pearl necklace incorporated around the edge of this bib necklace. I added wire lace to create flowers, I added flower patterns I created out of pearls, and beads. On a light weight but a statement chain in silver. This is one bold piece of costume jewelry that would set it apart from my other Oscar pieces. I call her “Big Mamma”.
I am happy to have found this artist and his wonderful jewelry which has given me new ideas to create.
#7 –
I designed this bead crochet bracelet with the Oscars in mind.  The gold beads represent the gold Oscar trophy while the silver beads remind me of the silver screen.  My specialty is bead crochet.  This bracelet has a pattern of 8-around using 3 mm fire polish beads, 8/0 seed beads as well as 10/0 and 11/0 Delica beads.  The ends are finished with faux gold bead caps and a gold glass rondelle.
I don’t have a blog and haven’t joined Facebook yet, but samples of my other creations can be found by clicking on my website www.ToBeadAZ.com.
#8 – Everyone goes crazy for the Oscars. Year after year it feels that more than half the excitement is the anticipation of what couture gowns and fabulous jewels the stars will be wearing. This ever blooming Flower would definitely pass the red carpet test!  http://www.zibbet.com/valerval
#9 –

I was so excited to learn about the challenge with Oscar theme! I have decided – for the first time – take part and submit my piece of jewelry! I just could not pass such a theme! I’ve looked at MANY photos from this year’s awards ceremony and from last year.. and even though there are some nice pieces of jewelry, the thing that inspired me in the end was.. the Oscar “himself”.. him and red carpet! I think there are not enough rubies at the celebration.. I mean, seriously.. sparkly red in gold – what can be more festive than this combination of colors! So rubies (Swarovski’s Siam red bicone beads of 4 and 6 mm) and gold (Toho seed beads in 2 different “gold” colors, ##15 and 8) were used to make my Oscar Inspired Necklace which I called “Down the Red Carpet”. It is simple yet it stands out. I can only imagine how fabulous it would look on some brunette! Oh..

So whether I win anything or not – it does not really matter as I think I’ve already won by having such a good idea for my necklace! Thank you for this challenge!  www.moussycrafts.etsy.com

#10 – How it came together: I watched the Oscars and loved the purple and silver of Maya Rudolph’s gown. The next morning I grabbed various purples and some silver links I had hanging around and had been wanting to work with. I started making peyote rings to link them together, bezeled and embellished an amethyst rivoli, and ended up with this!   http://www.etsy.com/shop/onthepondcreations

#11 – The Black Mystic was inspired by an Alexander McQueen dress worn by Jessica Chastain on the night of Oscar. I was inspired by the elegant masquerade theme of the dress- a mysterious black with an intricate use of gold to achieve a classy yet vintage look.

Instead of using the traditional weaving method, the necklace rope was executed with the” herringbone twist”, using size 11 (gilded marble black) seed beads which had an understated gold tone.
Furthermore, I added some matte gold fire-polished and triangular seed beads in between the rope to accent the gold tones of the piece. The rectangular shape toggle and frame pendant made the necklace more unique, in order to highlight the frame pendant, I suspended a black spinel teardrop inside.


#12 – My inspiration came from Alexander McQueen’s black-and-gold bespoke gown worn by Ms. Jessica Chastain during the Oscars in 2012.

The name of my piece is: Flagship Couture Earrings inspired by Alexander McQueen’s gown.
 One of Sprinkles Twinkles LLC’s specialties is to combine recycled items with other fashion finds to make beautiful statement pieces.
#13 –
I saw Gwyneth Paltrow’s fabulous white dress and cape when she was at this year’s Oscars and noticed she had a lovely white cuff as well. I’ve been fascinated by beaded micro macramé for a while now and I thought I’d try to make something like this cuff by working a wider bracelet. In this case, I began 2 bracelets and wove them together as I went along, joining them at the button end. There are 2 loops and 3 antique buttons. The Ice Queen Bracelet measures 1 1/2 inches wide and it is 7 1/2 inches long. It is made with C-Lon cord in the Oyster colourway with 11/0 round Toho beads in aqua/gold ICL, 8/0 round Toho beads in aqua/light jonquil ICL and 11/0 clear beads.
My micro macramé jewelry shop: http://cocoknots.bigcartel.com/
#14 –

Inspiration: “The Artist” – black and white!

My original peyote bracelet pattern (Ahead of the Curve) was published in Interweave’s Step by Step Beads in 2009, and I have since made my bracelet in MANY color and bead variations. But the idea of using only black and white beads intrigued me.

So like the movie, “The Artist”, I took something normally done in color and converted it to black and white. This version of my design is slightly wider than my original pattern and the triangle inserts are more dramatic. www.bylynette.blogspot.com



#15 – I have attached 2 views of a necklace that I made primarily of Swarovski crystals. I was inspired by a necklace I saw on Amy Adams two years ago at the Academy Awards (which I attended). Her necklace was round and very colorful, however I love art deco and seemed to gravitate to this style to go with some of the incredible and simple black gowns. I have been beading for 4 years, have a website: www.beadartistrybynancy.com and have sold my work at craftshows.

#16 – I love to watch the stars sparkle at the Oscars only sometimes they just don’t wear any jewelry.  But Keira Knightley wore a beautiful Victorian inspired necklace at the 2006 academy awards.  It looked beautiful with her one-shouldered dress.  I love the sapphire, emerald and ruby color combination accented by the clear crystals.  The necklace is made using 12mm rivolis and 4mm crystals along with 2mm crystals for accents.  It uses RAW as well as netting to make the elements with 11/0 and 15/0 seed beads.

#17 – A beautiful combination of Swarovski rondelles, sterling wavy disc and cultured pearls, stick and potato. The focal piece is a Crystal Quartz with sterling bead caps surrounding it. It is a beautiful piece that has the ability to pick up the blues and teals in your attire and show those colors as if it were blue or teal itself. The Swarovski rondelles have a hint of blue grey to them. It sits nicely right at the neckline and has a very regal style to it.

Please post a comment on this blog and let us know your favorite. Voting ends March 19th. Thanks to all the challengers! Also, please, one vote per person.

220 thoughts on “Entries in the Oscars-Inspired Challenge!

  1. My favorite piece is number 10. The different shades of purple are beautiful and would be a perfect addition to any Spring outfit! Great job!!


  2. I vote for #3. In addition to having an uncluttered beautiful simplicity of design, it would be soft and light around your neck. Something you could wear all day in comfort.


  3. #15 gets my vote! It is dynamic and makes a bold statement; just think what it would look like paired with an elegant black dress.


  4. #17 description…. was there when I sent it 😦

    A beautiful combination of Swarovski rondelles, sterling wavy disc and cultured pearls, stick and potato. The focal piece is a Crystal Quartz with sterling bead caps surrounding it. It is a beautiful piece that has the ability to pick up the blues and teals in your attire and show those colors as if it were blue or teal itself. The Swarovski rondelles have a hint of blue grey to them. It sits nicely right at the neckline and has a very regal style to it.


  5. #16 is so Oscar, at least until a couple of years ago when necklaces inexplicably disappeared. I miss seeing the dripping jewels. I’ve been watching the Oscars for 50 years and this one captures it perfectly!

    Message to stylists: Bring back the bling!


  6. For a bracelet, #7 is superb. I love her elegant, distinction and styling and the simplicity of color is time ageless. For a classic necklace #3. It reminds me of 1920s refinement and grace. Again a time ageless beauty. All were distinct and lovely and the choices were not easy to make. Everyone showed true talent. Congratulations.


  7. #7 is my favorite by far! It’s so beautiful – and a really interesting design! The gold and silver reminds me of the elegance and “Hollywood lifestyle” that surrounds the Oscars.


  8. While they are all beautiful, I LOVE #7….the silver and gold bracelet. It intertwines the gold and silver and meshes the two together in the spirit of the movies and the Oscars….Those Golden oldies years on the Silver screen….truly very inspirational.


  9. Oh, it was very hard for me to choose, but based on the Oscar theme and the beauty of the piece I am choosing, along with the description by the maker, I am choosing #9.


  10. All of the entrants are lovely and very unique. Lots of thought and creativity here. My personal choice is #13. Love where her inspiration came from and I can’t resist the pearl closure.


  11. Number 7 is my absolute favorite. The mood of the bracelet is definitely Oscar-like and the artist clearly used that for inspiration. The workmanship is really superb – and outstanding example of bead crochet. The overall effect, in my opinion, makes it a standout in the competition because of it’s elegance, classic tastefulness, and workmanship. Just stunning!


  12. I love both #13 & 16.

    #16 The combination of sapphire, emerald and ruby color are wonderful.

    #11 The Black Mystic is also outstanding. Especially when you browse the larger image and look at the details. I really want one of this necklace.

    Finally, my vote goes to #11


  13. I love #13, Ice Queen.
    I think every entry is absolutely lovely, but we had to choose one.
    #13, Ice Queen embodies elegance and just the right amount of adornment and allure. The large pearls in the closure are a perfect finish.
    Congratulations to all of you for your beautiful entries!


  14. I agree with last comments from Zvi and Sasha. #8 is fresh and young and A – L – I – V – E.
    So much life is in this beautiful orchid flower. How do I order one for me. I want to have this as it is not normal piece of jewelry

    And the WINNER IS #8!!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. #7! It is gorgeous, and I love the symbolism. Others are beautiful, but 7 is elegant and classic, yet also very modern-looking. Could be worn with an Oscar gown, or could even dress up a casual outfit!


  16. Of all the entries I looked at, no. 11 impressed me the most for its simplistic yet elegant design. The color is in sync with the Oscar theme. If there was an Oscar for beading jewelry, the award should go to no. 11


  17. I vote for number 8. Its a very beautiful and well made piece of jewelry. I love the way the flow of color’s are in harmony with each other.


  18. I’d like to cast my vote for #8. It is described as an ever blooming flower. I love flowers and an ever blooming flower is for me. When you enlarge the photo you see the great detail. The person that made this beautiful item must have put in a lot of love. This would look great on any lady that is dressed for the evening.


  19. #8. This is beautiful. Look at the bead work…it’s perfect. The lines, spaces, the color looks like it was done on a machine. PERFECT… You can see the artistic talent in this!!!! I don’t know how anyone can do something like this.


  20. I’d like to cast my vote for #8. It is described as an ever blooming flower. I love flowers and an ever blooming flower is for me. When you enlarge the photo you see the great detail. The person that made this beautiful item must have put in a lot of love. This would look great on any lady that is dressed for the evening.


  21. “I vote for #8 because it is elegant and sophistacated at the same time, it can be worn with almost every occasion. I love the color and the schematics of the piece. It is made with fire and passion it can be seen through in the craftmanship.


  22. I loved #7. It is clean, simple and elegan, an ideal bracelet to be worn with one of the elaborate gowns seen at the Oscars.


  23. My vote goes to #11. It would create a lasting impression on all who beholds it. The colour combination not only would match Jessica’s Oscar gown perfectly but also would match any skin tone. Also, I can see that it takes lots of skill and workmanship too.


  24. I would vote for #8 because it is gorgeously constructed with obvious detail and care. The piece is not over the top, yet it is able to make a dramatic statement.


  25. All entries are to be commended- but a couple stand out. My vote is for #7- it’s elegant and looks like something that would be worn at the Oscars.


  26. I like #5. I think it works as a day or night piece. Some of the other pieces are nice, but the blurbs try to sell them too hard LOL


  27. I would like to vote for #7, the crochet bracelet by Barbara Zaner. As I also crochet, I know the time and difficulty in making a piece of jewelry using both crochet techniques and beading.


  28. Please allow me to vote for #8 I also thought 16 was good it is very difficult between those two. first place #8 and second place #16


  29. Just look at #8. The woman does not even say this flower is an orchid. She only says it is flowrer. But when I look at detail of her creation it is amazing her work is so good. Everyone can see this is an orchid!!!! It even looks alive. To me this says something very speical about her craftsmanship and her artistic ability. This is nature masterpiece. ! I have no words to describe how amazing this is! No question at all #8 is the best.


  30. So many lovely designs! I would have to choose #16 for the Oscar challenge though. I want glamour and glitter and a sense of occasion for this kind of event and #16 fills the bill. Thanks for hosting such a fun challenge!


  31. #1: #5, with the red chain
    #2: #9, “Down the Red Carpet”
    #3: #15, the Art Deco collar.

    These are three gorgeous pieces. I rated them in terms of overall wearability, but for a real Oscar night, I’d reverse the order of ranking and put #15 at the top, followed by #9 and then #5.

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see such beautiful work.


  32. Oscars should be fun and light and full of life. I vote for n8.

    This piece is lovely and very very beautiful. I would wear it as a choker. I love the accenting ribbon too not a heavy chain.


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