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Product Focus: C-Lon Threads & Cords

Do you know about C-Lon Thread and Cord? We stock the entire line. It’s made in the USA, has an excellent hand and is colorfast. Similar to Mastex, Conso, and S-Lon, we prefer to sell the one that offers the best quality.

We stock the cords in see through plastic containers which you can pop (or melt) a hole in the top of and make into a nice thread dolly. No tangled cords!

C-Lon Nylon Beading Thread Size AA
========== C-Lon Rack

  •  uses: Off-loom beadweaving with size 15 seed beads
  •  current # of colors: 36
  •  breaking strength: approx 4 lbs
  • diameter: very thin – comparable to nymo size 0
  • put up: approx. 75 yards/69m per bobbin.
  •  type of beading thread: UV resistant nylon monocord
  •  made in the USA

C-Lon Nylon Beading Thread in size D

uses: On and off-loom beadweaving with size 10-11 seed beads or Delicas, mini micro-macrame, bead stitching and embroidery, etc. Also in use for making Teddy bears—who knew?

  •  current # of colors: 36
  •  breaking strength: approx 7 lbs
  •  diameter: comparable to nymo size D
  • put up: approx. 80 yards/73m per bobbin.
  •  type of beading thread: UV resistant nylon monocord
  • made in the USA

C-Lon Cord

  • A superior bead cord for micro macrame
  • bead crochet with 8/0 or larger seed beads stringing, and kumihimo
  • C-lon beading cord is available in 104 colors
  • 34 lbs breaking strength, approx. 0.5mm diameter.
  • 82-86 yds per bobbin.

C-Lon Micro

  • Thin bead cord for fine micro macrame
  • small hole bead stringing
  • bead crochet with 11s and 15s.
  • C-lon Micro Cord is available in 32 colors with more planned.
  • Breaking strength 11lbs, approx 0.12mm diameter.
  • 320 yds per bobbin.

C-Lon Tex 135

  • The newest size of C-Lon bead cord, half way between micro cord and regular bead cord.
  • Tex 135 – available in 24 colors with 12 new coming soon.
  • Approximate diameter of 0.4mm and breaking strength of 25 lbs.
  • +/- 136yd per bobbin.

C-Lon Tex 400

  • New heavy (.9mm) bead cord for micro macrame, kumihimo, and bead stringing
  • Break strength approx 75 lbs
  • C-Lon Tex 400 beading cord is available in 56 colors
  • 39 yds per bobbin.

All C-Lon Thread and Cords on Sale 20% OFF
Sale price valid through Wednesday July 17th, 2013.

You can see them all on the website HERE.

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