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DIY Wine Stopper by Stephanie

It’s my 25th birthday coming up. We’re going to a wine tasting event, Corks & Forks, here in Olympia to celebrate.  Unlimited wine and appetizers for only $10?! Count me in. Even though I was originally invited to this event as part of the Olympia Ladies Drinking Club, we’ve decided that husbands and boyfriends can come along this time.

I thought I better prepare myself for all the bottles of wine I am going to win in the raffle and all the bottles my friends are going to buy for me, since it’s my birthday and all, by making a customized wine stopper. I was cruising around Bello Modo’s bead warehouse when this glimmering beauty caught my eye:

wine stopper 1

A creatable wine stopper seemed like a fun and easy project, so I bought my supplies and got down to business.

What you will need:

Creatable wine stopper

3 10mm jump rings – color of choice

40 2” Headpin 21 gage – color of choice

A bunch of random, different sized beads, colors of choice

Wire cutter

Round nose pliers

Flat nose pliers

First, I chose a color scheme for my beads. You don’t have to do this but I enjoy complementing colors, so I chose green, teal, white, and purple. I even managed to find some tiny grape shaped beads, which I accented with leaf and flower shapes.

Next, arrange your beads on the headpin in an aesthetically pleasing way, like this:

headpin close up

After finding an arrangement, twist the end of the headpin into a loop. If you don’t know how to do this, here is a great video showing you how to make loops at either end of a bead:

Make about 30-40 of these arrangements. They can vary in different lengths and bead size. It really doesn’t take long to put these together.

Next, attach three jump rings to your wine stopper. Thread your bead pins onto each ring, about 8-10 bead pins per ring, and then close the ring tightly so your pins don’t fall off. Add more if desired. The end result should be in a sort of spherical shape. Here’s my finished stopper:


Now you have an elaborate topper for your fancy bottle of wine. Maybe you don’t drink, that’s okay. You can use it to cork your kombucha, or maybe your bottle of San Pellegrino. It also makes a great, easy gift for friends and family.

Check back often to see more fun DIY projects!

Happy creating,


7 thoughts on “DIY Wine Stopper by Stephanie

  1. I’m trying to make the Wine Stopper with beads. But I don’t understand how the pins with beads stay inside the top of the bottle stopper? I thought they would have to be glued? Can you help me. Thank you.


      1. I’m so sorry I still don’t understand how you attach the 3 jump rings on to the wine stopper? I have the same wine stoppers that you used, mine came with a little screw at the top which can unscrew. Now do I need to take the screw out? Or leave it in? I tried both & the 3 jump rings I can not get to place where they will feel secure. Oh Lord I’m going through menopause & I feel like a nut job, that I can not figure this out. I’m a usually intelligent woman. Thank you so much for all your support. I never went to a jewelry making class but read lots of books & how to’s. I’m just thankful that you are the only person I met so far that is willing to help & give me a few pointers. I’m making these beaded. Wine stoppers for my girlfriends 60 Birthday Party as a party bag give out. I have one month left.
        Thanks so much.


  2. Hey there, you did an amazing job. Would you make one for me? I like bright colors, like turquoise, hot Pink, Lime green, Purple, etc. I Like it Full just like yours also. If you found Silver that would be pretty. 7135152228 can you call me Please?


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