Takumi Summer Challenge


We are announcing our Summer Takumi Challenge! It has now been extended into fall – the new deadline for admissions is October 28th!

This spring Toho introduced the new Takumi line of size 11/0 seed beads. They have unusually large holes making them a deluxe resource for beadweaving. The holes are 15% larger than a traditional size 11/0 bead. With such a large stringing hole, you can make more passes through the bead and you also have the advantage of being able to use thicker stringing materials in your designs.

We offer these in 3″ large tubes, holding approximately 14 grams of beads. Each gram has approximately 125 beads in it, so a tube holds 1750+ beads! Bellomodo carries all 37 colors available for the Takumi Line.

Here are the details of the challenge:

The idea is to make an item using primarily Takumi beads. Other beads can be used as well, just make sure the Takumi’s are integral to the construction of the piece, and Takumi beads comprise 50% or more of the design. You can make anything of your choice, but items made that take advantage of the beads larger hole will get extra attention from the judges. We will also be judging on good use of the bead and imaginative design.

How to enter the Takumi Summer Challenge:

Please send an email to bellomodo@gmail.com with TAKUMI SUMMER CHALLENGE in the subject line. In the message, include your name, email address, and phone number (your information is for challenge purposes only and will not be sold to a third party), the name of your piece (if you have one), and what components you used. Include 1-3 detailed images of your work attached to the message.

Each applicant may only submit one piece into the competition.

You may submit your piece from August 1st  to October 28th. We will choose a challenge winner on October 30th.


1st Place – $50 gift certificate to BelloModo.com & Grand prize of a complete set of all 37 Takumi beads, over a $150 value!

2nd Place – $50 gift certificate to BelloModo.com

3rd Place – $25 gift certificate to BelloModo.com

Good Luck!

– The Bello Modo Team

8 thoughts on “Takumi Summer Challenge

  1. I find the fact that you don’t say TOHO Takimu bead to be VERY misleading. It makes one think that it’s another manufacturer of seed beads. It’s a TOHO re-design not a brand new bead. I don’t buy beads mail order that I have never seen in person and since the shop here doesn’t carry them, I am left out of this challenge


    1. I’m reading through the posts here and find the post by Pam puzzling. The contest states Toho brand right in the second paragraph. Pam is ‘left out’ because she doesn’t buy beads online that she has never seen in person. Lucky Pam! I buy most of my beads online; some are just what I wanted, sometimes the color is a little different than what it looks like online. Lots and lots of beaders just don’t live near a shop to ‘browse’ in person just to check out new things, not buy. Pam, you could order one color of the Takumi beads; if you like them, order more colors. How lovely that Bello Modo will send you a sample!


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