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DIY Regaliz Leather Bracelet


Making this leather bracelet is fast, easy, and most importantly, stylish! Just follow the easy steps below:

You will need the following supplies:

2mm Regaliz Leather cord of your choice (I used Regaliz Crystal Leather because I like shiny things)

Magnetic Straight Clasp Set in finish of your choice (I used silver), There are hook clasps available as well that would fit this leather.

Leather Cord Straight Cutter

Super New Glue

Leather Bracelet Supplies

First, measure the wrist, and cut the leather according to length measured.

leather cutting

Next, put 2 drops of Super New Glue into one end of the magnetic clasp, and insert the end of the cut leather into the clasp. Hold firmly for 30 seconds. Repeat with other side. Let rest for 2 hours before putting pressure on the bracelet.



After letting the glue set, you are ready to go with a fantastic new bracelet! Bling!


This bracelet is a great gift that is very easy to make. Bello Modo carries plain Regaliz leather as well, for the people in your life that don’t desire a crystal adorned bracelet. All your friends and family can have a different color for Christmas.  Yes, that’s right, Christmas is only 4 months away! Time to start cranking out those projects!

Stay tuned for more fun & easy DIY posts!

Happy creating,


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