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DIY Reflective Bead Bracelet

Have you seen the new Reflection beads from Toho? Bello Modo is currently carrying them in 9 different colors of size 8/0. The beads are similar to the reflective strips you have seen on safety vests. Three of the colors even glow under black light! Anything you want to be visible at night could be embellished with these beads. Consider the different ways to use them on dog collars/leashes, backpacks, hats, key chains, ankle/bracelet cuffs and more!

I look forward to embellishing collars for my dog and cat, but for now I have decided to make myself a stretchy bracelet cuff to slip on when I go for a late-night walk or bike ride. I opted to use a 2-drop peyote stitch to create my bracelet.


There are many resources online and in books available to teach you this beginner stitch. Here is one website I found helpful: Two Drop Peyote Stitch Instruction

Following is the supply list for the cuff I made:


All of us at Bello Modo would be delighted to see what you have created or embellished with the Reflection beads. You can send photos or ideas to

Happy Creating,


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