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Featured: Tierra Cast Halloween & Day of the Dead Charms, & DIY Earring Ideas


In this photo: Tierra Cast BatJack o’ LanternCat, and Owl charms, Swarovski bicones and rounds, Tierra Cast Earwires

A few of us here at Bello Modo were so delighted by the frightful Tierra Cast Halloween Charms, we decided to get together and brainstorm on some cute earring ideas for the upcoming holiday. In this post we’re going to explore the fun world of spooky Tierra Cast Charms, for Halloween and Dia de los Muertos inspired jewelry!

Halloween Charms:






Jack o’ Lantern


Grave Stone


In This Photo: Wonky Ovals, Rondelles, Melons, 5mm Round Cord Leather, Skull Bail, Bone Links, and Grave Stone, Zombie Charm

Dia De Los Muertos Charms:


Dancing Senor & Senorita


Sugar Skull


Skull Bail

Bone Links

DIY Fancy Halloween Earrings:

You will need: Your choice of 4 Tierra Cast Halloween charms (listed above with links), two 3 inch pieces of small etched cable chain, 2 ear wires, 14 Swarovski 3mm bicones, 2 Swarovski tear drop pendants, a pack of jump rings, pack of head pinspliers, and one-step loopers.


1. Open ear wire and attach to the top of the chain

2. Hang your earring base on a stand to help with visualizing placement of charms and bicones.


3. Use the one step looper with the headpins to create your bicone attachments. Slide your bicone onto the head pin, and insert headpin through the hole in the top of the loopers.

4. Once you have found where you want to place the loop, squeeze the pliers. They will make the loop and cut off the remaining piece of the head pin. Ta-da!! One-step!


Repeat steps 3 & 4 with the rest of the bicones. You will be attaching 7 bicones to each earring.


5.  Attach your bicones in intervals  throughout the chain. Add the tear drop pendant to the bottom link.

6.  Attach your charms in the order of your choice, at evenly spaced intervals, using jump rings to attach the chain and charm together. This is where it gets a little tricky. I suggest holding the chain with one hand while attaching the charms with pliers, to prevent the earring from swinging all over the place while you try to attach elements.


…And you’re done!


Now that you know how to use the one-step loopers and attach whatever charms and crystals tickle your fancy, you can make a variety of freaky-fun Halloween earrings for all your friends!


In This Photo: Hammertone Circle LinksWitch Charm

Happy Creating!

– The Team @ Bello Modo

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