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Takumi Summer Challenge Winners!

Announcing our 2013 Takumi Summer Challenge winners! We had great entries!


1st Place Winner: Beaded Macramé Choker by Lynne


1st Place

Details about the Macrame Choker from Lynne:

Feature button from the Clay Genie
I used over 3/4 of a 3″ tube of Antique Bronze Gold Takumi large hole beads 11/0’s
Vintaj lobster clasp
Brass oval links
Brass chain
Brass crimp covers
Khaki C-lon beading cord
Miyuki Matte Metallic Khaki Beads 3mm & 4mm cubes , 8/0s, 6/0s, and Czech 6mm fire polish beads
(Because of the larger hole in the Takumi beads I was able to string the beads much easier than regular 11/0’s on my c-lon beading cord.  I was also able to weave thru the holes with 2 threads and that made embellishing the choker easier to do.)
Second Place: Untitled, by Suzanne
Blue winner 2
2nd Place
Details about the piece from Suzanne:
Component list:
Toho Takumi #263 11/0
Toho Takumi #262 11/0
Toho #262 15/0 (used in clasp only)
Swarovski 5810 3mm Bright Gold
Swarovski 1122 14mm Aquamarine (1), Light Silk (1)
K.O. Thread Denim Blue
Third Place Winner: Dark Moon, by Renetha
3rd Place
Details from Renetha:
I used 4mm Swarovski crystals, 15/0 24k seed beads, black matte super duos, 4mm gold plated beads, jasper cabochon, and of course Takumi beads:  Jet OP, Gray/Green  OPR MA and Crystal/Gold TGL.
Runner up: Fuchsia Fun by Connie
Fuchsia Fun 1Runner Up
 Details from Connie:
It is a two-sided pendant with matching earrings.  I used the following color Takumis:
* Permanent Finish Light Topaz TSL
* Dragonfruit TSL (a new favorite bead color!)
* Crystal ICL Matte
* Crystal/Teal R ICL (another new favorite!)
I also included 6mm Swarovski crystals in Fuchsia Satin.
The larger holes in the Takumis made it so much easier to get the two sides of the pendant stitched together.  I didn’t realized how challenging that can be sometimes until it wasn’t.
– The Team @ BelloModo

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