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Be Mine, Valentine! Part II: Mixing It Up With Czech Glass Mixes

Mixing It Up With Czech Glass Mixes!


I adore the Czech glass mixes. Each strand is a great mix of all different shapes of a particular color and finish, or a mix of colors that blend really well together. To order all of these shapes separately would definitely be more of a challenging shopping experience. With the Czech mixes, that work is done for you. You have one wonderfully diverse strand to create with, all ready to go, and with one click into your shopping cart. Easy shopping makes this beader a happy one!

Today, I am again working on some projects for Valentine’s day, so in looking at the selection of Czech Glass Mixes, I chose a lovely ruby gold marbled mix and a pink/peach mix. My intention when sitting down was to make a couple of bracelets with the mixes and end them with my favorite heart toggle clasp from the TierraCast line.

I decided to make this not only a bracelet, but a more versatile piece that can be worn as a triple strand bracelet or a necklace. Using the Czech glass mix and some TierraCast heishi spacers, I strung a strand that is 21” long. The average bracelet length being 7” long, I knew this should wrap around my wrist 3 times, and would also be a great length for a necklace.


Materials list:

   – Used: Ruby Gold Marbled Mix (286-01-MIX212) and the Pink/Peach Mix (286-01-mix133)

    – Used: sterling silver & gold plated  wire protectors

   – Used: sterling silver (01-0030-01) and gold filled (01-0030-09)

Tools needed:

Check out my video for a step-by-step-expaination:


The variety of these mixes are fantastic and with the huge selection of TierraCast spacers & toggle clasps, you could make numerous variations of this simple and versatile design. Have fun with it!

Happy Creating,

Shelly Haas

Shelly does design work for Bello Modo as well as designing for her own business Positive Creations Jewelry. You can find her on Etsy at

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