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New Nunn Design Brooches, Post Earrings, and Crystal Clay Collaboration

New Nunn Design Brooches

I am thrilled with the new items Nunn Design has released, including their new kits, but I’m especially excited about the brooches! Besides really loving brooches, I adore the fact that they were designed with a small bail on the back so you have the option of them being a pendant as well. Anything that adds versatility to a piece always gets the creative juices flowing for me.



Pam and I sat down the other evening to start creating with some of the new items and we ended up making a collaborative piece together. Pam had the great Idea of using some of the 2 holed Czech Mate beads and Crystal Clay to create a mosaic look in the brooch, which I think turned out amazing.  I was inspired by the options of it being a pendant or a brooch, that I became in charge of finishing it up. Take a couple of minutes to watch the video where I fill you in!

Nun Design’s Versatile Brooch Video

Materials List for Brooches:

Nunn Design Ornate Post Earrings

In the many shows I have done vending my jewelry, and as many earrings as I always have available for sale, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “Do you have any post earrings?” My answer has always been no, as I’ve never really found many post components that I cared for much.  Some people absolutely prefer post earrings, and Nunn Design has come through for us on this one. Look at how beautiful these are!


I created these earrings with sage Crystal Clay & Swarovski Crystal chatons. I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to attach to the loop at the bottom until I came across the Swarovski #6026 Cabochette Pendants in the shop. What a perfect fit for a luxurious & vintage look! I used 13mm Cabochettes in crystal sIlver shade.

 Materials list for earrings:

Happy creating, everyone!

Shelly Haas

Nunn & Clay

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