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Vintaj & Bello Modo team up for ‘Frosted Forest’

I have always enjoyed the look of pearls with Vintaj Natural Brass. There’s something about the lustrous, feminine look of a pearl when added to the special patina that Vintaj offers, that just makes them pop. Now, add some frosted lucite in the mix, and that knocks the contrast up another notch!


When I heard the about the theme ‘Frosted Forest’, I went straight to the pearls and the lucite in the shop. I think this is the perfect time to point out how very unique the patina is on Vintaj Natural Brass. We all know that there are a lot of “antiqued brass” components out there on the market. However subtle some may think the difference is, whenever I work with the Vintaj line (check out the Vintaj section of our website), I really appreciate the difference.

The hand patina process Vintaj uses to get the very specific patina that they do is worth paying a little extra in my opinion.  Their process produces a true antique look that is much more pleasing to the eye and it is a richer patina, and when you do a side by side comparison, I don’t think anyone could argue with that. Not to mention they use no harsh chemicals in their patina process and all components are lead and nickel free. I have used other lines of antiqued brass, but Vintaj remains my absolute favorite.

I’m very happy with how this necklace and brooch turned out…there’s already more designs brewing in my head!


Materials List:

And here’s how I created this ‘Frosted Forest‘ Beauty!

  • Create your 10 flower drops with the headpins, putting the 6mm pearl on the bottom, the small calla lily, then the 3mm pearl on top, ending with a simple loop.

  • Connect the scrollwork pieces with 5.25mm Jump-rings to create a “chain”.

  • Cut your foot of chain into an 8” piece and a 4” piece.

  • With your violet petal filigree at the center, use a 5.25mm jump-ring to attach your ‘chain’ of scrollwork pieces to one side. The 8” piece of chain to the other (leaving a petal of the flower in between those 2 attachments).Then attach the 4” piece of chain to the bottom to dangle. Since this chain is not a fused chain, it opens like a jump-ring, so I skipped the jump-rings for attaching it and just opened the end link on each piece of chain to attach them to the filigree.

  • I used 5.25mm jump-rings to attach the 5 Ivy leaves and flower drops to the side of the necklace (8” piece of chain) with 3 links of chain in between each one.

  • When It came to the 4” piece of chain dangling, the leaves & flower drops didn’t hang quite how I wanted them to when I attached them with jump-rings, so i decided to again just open the links of chain and put the Ivy leaves & flower drops right on the chain links. And same as above, with 3 links of chain in between each drop.

  • Last, I used 2 jump-rings to attach the leaf toggle bar, and one jump-ring to attach the leaf toggle ring.

Don’t forget to check out Vintaj’s Frost Forest Giveaway on their blog!

Happy Creating!

Shelly Haas


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