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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is  on the 31st of January this year, so today we have a couple of inspirational earrings projects for you with that theme in mind! 2014 is the year of the horse in Chinese astrology. Here is what is said about being born in the year of the horse:

“Very hardworking and independent. Will work on and on until a job is finished. Very intelligent, ambitious and expect to succeed. Can cope with several projects at once. Easily fall in love.”

When I’m looking for a specific symbol or animal to work into jewelry, I always check the TierraCast line first. Not only are the components they make top quality, they really seem to have most of the bases covered when you are looking for something specific. Of course they had a horse charm for me to work with!

I thought these czech glass etched wheels made a nice edition, as I really enjoy the rustic look of these beads. This might also be a great time to mention that the titanium colored Parawire matches perfectly when you are using antique silver components such as this cute horsey!


Materials List:

1 pair X Earring – Leverback Sterling Silver (pk of 2)

2 x Etched Wheel – Lavender

2 x Drop – Horse Antique Silver

4 x Heishi – Faceted 5mm Antique Silver (pk of 10)

3” Titanium 20GA Wire


  • Cut 2 lengths about 1.5” long of 20 ga titanium wire. Make a simple loop at the end of one. Put your faceted heishi bead on, then the etched wheel bead, then another heishi bead before making another simple loop on the end to create a link. Repeat these steps with your second piece of wire.

  • Open one simple loop on each link to attach the horse charm and close.

  • Open the other simple loop on each link to attach to the lever back earwire and close.

  • And  presto! You are done!


The second pair of earrings were created with the lovely Asian Window Pendant from the Vintaj line. I really enjoy mixing Vintaj Natural Brass with gold, giving the contrast of an elegant yet earthy look. And here is the icing on the cake….We just got some crystals in the new finish called Crystal Mahogany, and what a great combo it is with the Vintaj brass & gold!

Materials list:

1 pair x Earring – Leverback Gold Filled (pk of 2)

2 x Vintaj Asian Window Pendant

2 x 6mm Crystal Mahogany Round Beads 5000

8 x 3mm Crystal Mahogany Xillion Beads 5328

2 x 1″ Eyepin 21G Antique Gold

8 x 1″ Headpin 21G Antique Gold

4 x Vintaj Jump Ring 4mm

8” x Chain ~ Small Fine Cable Chain Antique Gold


  • Use your 2 eye pins and your 6mm crystals to create 2 links with a simple loop on either end.

  • Open your simple loops to attach one end to the asian window pendants, and the other end to the lever back ear wires.

  • Use your 8 headpins and your 8 x 3mm crystals to create drops with a simple loop at the top.

  • Cut your 8” of chain into 4 x 2” lengths. drape the chain through the bottom of the pendant, and use your 4mm jumprings to secure each piece of chain onto the pendants. I used 2 pieces of chain for each earring, and just ‘eye-balled’ where I wanted the chain to fall making each one a bit uneven.

  • Attach one crystal drop to the end of each chain

Happy Chinese New Year & Happy Creating!


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