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Downton Abbey Winners!

We recently sponsored a challenge asking our customers to submit a piece inspired by the hit TV show, Downton Abbey. Using Vintaj Natural Brass was one of the few requirements. Thank you everyone for submitting your entires, all who participated will be awarded a fantastic goody bag to be sent this week. Check out what people made below!


1536750_10151959185734141_858538377_n 1234629_10151959185804141_854177961_n 1097956_10151941257719141_840879354_n 1480587_10151955970159141_1690667826_n 1510830_10151941256984141_1509343874_n

1488696_10151941876049141_311631975_n 1467242_10151944424234141_909838748_n 1011817_10151941257009141_705456245_n 1555538_10151959182509141_286722693_n 1606951_10151941257069141_1980493139_n sherri marilyn lola julian unnamed-1

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