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Citrine Czech Glass Button Necklace

Have you seen our selection of Czech glass buttons? I have always been an admirer of them. I think when I first became familiar with them years ago, I pretty much only saw seed beaders using them in intricate projects.

Not being a seed beader myself (perhaps someday!), I’ve figured out a handful of ways over the years to work them into my jewelry. In this necklace I show you one of them.

Also incorporated into this piece are the very pretty Wonky Oval Glass beads, and oh my goodness the pearl coated dew kissed moss, and moscato colors could not work any more perfectly with the citrine luster button!

Below find the directions and materials list.

Happy Creating!




G-S Hypo Cement or 2 Part 5 Minute Epoxy

1 x 1-1/4″ Tiered Citrine Lustre Button

1 x Bail – Heart Glue Pad Bright Rhodium

4 x Wonky Oval Pearl Coat – Dew Kissed Moss

4 x Wonky Oval Pearl Coat – Moscato

16 x Heishi – Faceted 5mm Antique Silver

10 x Link – Hammertone Oval Small Bright Rhodium

1 x Clasp Set – Hammertone Star Bright Rhodium

8” x Chain – Rolo (4.5mm) Imitation Rhodium

1&½”  x Titanium 18GA Wire

3 x Jumpring – Round 5mm, 16G Bright Rhodium



  • You should always protect your eyes when cutting wire! Using your cutters, snip the metal shank off of the back of the button. I know most of us don’t wear eye protection, but please take my warning that when you snip the shanks off these buttons, it will fly with force, unlike most of the snipping you do when making jewelry. Protect your eyes!

  • Depending on the type of cutters you used and how your cut turned out, you may choose to file what is left of the shank down a bit with a metal file so it is not pointed or scratchy.

  • Using your choice of adhesive, glue the heart bail onto the back of the button where you would like the button to hang from the necklace. I used G-S Hypo Cement for this one, however the 2 Part 5 Minute Epoxy will cure really quickly for you if you want to be able to keep rolling with the project without waiting for the hypo cement to dry. You can of course use whatever adhesive you prefer to use in your jewelry making.

  • Cut 8 pieces of wire each approximately 2” long.  Using the wire, the 8 Wonky oval glass beads, and the 16 Heishi beads, create 8 links with a wonky bead in the middle, heishi beads on either side, and simple loops on each end. the 18 gauge wire is plenty strong for this piece to do simple loops instead of wrapped loops.

  • Connect the links you have made with the hammertone ovals creating 2 ‘chains’ of 4 links each, and 5 ovals each.

  • Use the 3 jumprings to attach the ‘chains’ you have created to the pendant. One on the bail, and one on each oval to connect to the bail.

  • Cut 2 lengths of chain each 4” long.

  • The Rollo chain listed is not fused, and the links will open like a jumpring, so I attached the chain to the rest of the necklace and to the toggle clasp by opening a circle of the chain just like a jumpring. You could also use jumprings to make your attachments.

  • This necklace has a length of 20”. If you would like the length to be shorter or longer, simply, adjust the length of chain that you cut accordingly!

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