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Let The Games Begin! Olympics Bling

Now that the Superbowl is over, the Winter Olympics are beginning!

I made two separate projects inspired by this wonderful winter event. One of the projects is a sweet & casual necklace & earring set sporting some red, white, & blue to show some cheer for our US team!

The second project is one inspired by the symbolic Olympic Rings, and this one is far from casual. I think you could wear it to the celebration party after your daughter won the gold medal in figure skating!  I also wonder if you adorned your neck with this beauty any other time of the year, if people would associate the symbolism, or just appreciate it as a modern looking necklace? What do you think? Personally, I think this one can be worn year round, it will just feel extra special during Olympics season!

I would also like to draw attention to something about the materials used in the gold necklace. Just in case you are not aware, TierraCast has an abundance of items that coordinate together with a specific style. The radiant clasp and the Radiant Rings used in this piece together are a great example of how fantastic these coordinating pieces can compliment each other.  We even have an easy way to shop Coordinating Pieces by Style HERE.


Red, White, & Blue Winter Games Necklace & Earrings:

Necklace Materials:

1yd x 2mm Satin Cord – Ivory

1yd x 2mm Satin Cord – Red

1yd + 6”  2mm Satin Cord – Royal Blue

8 x 3/0 Round White OP (#41)

1 x Drop Snowflake 1″ Antique Silver

1 x Bail – Beaded .25 ID Antique Silver

1 x Jumpring – Round 5mm, 16G Bright Rhodium

Necklace Directions:

  • Cut your 3 pieces of satin cord each 1 yard long.

  • Attach the Snowflake pendant to the Bail using the jumpring.

  • Slide the bail over the 3 pieces of satin cord and slide it to the center.

  • Over-lap the ends of your cords at the back of the necklace, and use your extra 6” of satin cord to make a simple sliding knot over them. You can choose to trim your ends of cord leftover from the sliding knot or leave them long. In this one, I left them long.

  • Finish by sliding a size 6/0 seed bead on each end of cord, tying a knot, and trimming the excess off. I varied the lengths of my ends a bit, which I think gave the back side of the necklace a more fun look!

Earring Materials:

2 x 4mm Bicone Siam

2 x 4mm Bicone Sapphire

2 x 4mm White Opal

4 x Heishi – Disk 4mm Bright Rhodium

2 x Ear Wires SS / 2mm bead

4” Titanium 20GA Wire

2 x Drop Snowflake 3/4″ Antique Silver

Earring Directions: 

  • Cut 2 pieces of wire 2” long each.

  • Create a simple loop on the end of a wire, and add 1 of each crystal with a heishi in between each one, and finish the other side with another simple loop. Repeat this with the other piece of wire.

  • Open a loop at the end of the wire to attach to the snowflake drop. Open the loop on the other end of the wire to attach to the earwire. Repeat this for the other one.

  • Presto! As always, adding your own variations can change the look a lot to be more suited to your style. You can use a variety of heishi spacer beads, you could use round or Princess Cut crystals rather than bicones. I also think these would be a lovely pair of earrings to be worn with anything, all winter long using just clear Swarovski Crystals rather than the red, white, & blue.


Gold Medal Olympic Rings Necklace:

  • To start, I cut 7 pieces of wire each 2’ long. I connected the circle radiant links as shown in the picture in 7 different spots by wrapping the whole 2’ of wire at each point of connection. There is no specific method here, you can wrap these nice and neat, or not so neat, so long as it is tight, and you tuck the tail of the wire in nicely at the end so there are no wires sticking out to scratch the skin.

  • Cut the rhinestone chain into 2 lengths of 8” each.

  • Attach the 4 cup chain connectors to ends of the rhinestone chain by simply placing the end link of chain in the cup chain connector and bending the prongs over the rhinestone with your chain nose pliers.

  • Use 2 of the textured oval jump rings to attach 2 ends of chain to the radiant links that you have connected. Use the other 2 jump rings to attach your clasp set.

  • Presto! You are done! As always, use your creativity to make this your own! This design could be easily to altered to a very different look by mixing metals, using a different style of chain, or using fiber or ribbon of some kind rather than chain!


1 x Clasp Set – Radiant Bright Gold

5 x Link – Radiant Ring 1-1/4″ Bright Gold

16” x Rhinestone Chain 18ss Antique Gold

4 x Rhinestone Cup Chain Connector – 18PP Antique Gold

14’ x Gold 24GA Wire

4 x Jump Ring 9mm – Textured Oval Antique Gold

Happy Creating!


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