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Bee My Honey Bee


The Ornate Circle Rings by Nunn Design are so pretty. The large ones really allow you to create a piece that will be noticed for sure! I was happy to find that the cute little brass honey bees fit into the large ring perfectly.

I’ll be honest, and tell you that I hadn’t planned on making the earrings, or the necklace. Just the ring. However, the more I work with crystal clay, the more I realize just how far a little bit goes. I tend to mix more crystal clay than I need. So being a beginner in working with crystal clay, I’d say that is my first major lesson in working with it that I can share with you.

Always mix less clay up than you think you need until you really get an experienced feel of just how much fits into each bezel. You can always mix more if you need. However, if you do mix up too much, just make some matching components as I did. My ring project ended up turning into a whole jewelry set.

For those of you that have not yet worked with Crystal Clay, it is a is a two part epoxy clay that is easily mixed and formed into any shape, or in this case, tucked into the lovely Nunn Design bezels. To use it, you simply mix and knead both parts of the epoxy clay together for several minutes until the color is solid. You have 2 hours to work with it before it starts to harden. It totally cures to rock hard in 24 hours. You can set nearly anything in it. Endless fun I tell you!

Below are general directions and parts list for all three projects for you.



The honeybee fits pretty perfectly in this large ornate ring. I think that if you wanted to go for a less ’bling’ look, just the honeybee alone on a nice color of Crystal Clay is a really cute look.

This ring is very simple, just mix a small amount of equals parts of part A and part B Crystal Clay to press down into the ring. Once you are happy with how the clay is pressed in, add your honeybee to the top, applying just enough pressure that she sets into the Crystal Clay a bit, but is still sitting on top of it.

I used a couple of different sizes of chatons to set into the outer perimeter around the honeybee. And of course, I let the crystal clay cure before wearing it and prancing around the shop. Well, I waited a little while anyway.

Ring Materials:



The Earrings I started just the same as the ring, with crystal clay, pressing the aster flower into the clay gently, and adding your chatons. Once I’m done with this, I usually give the clay a while to harden before handling the pieces too much so I’m not making any marks or bumping things around in my design. I cut 2 pieces of wire 1½”  each. Using the 6mm & 3mm crystals, I created links with a simple loop on either end. To attach the Honeybees, I needed to punch a hole in the wing of each one first. I used the Vintaj Short Jaw 1.5mm Hole Punch Plier, but you can use whichever hole punch you have or prefer to use. After my holes were punched, I attached one side of my link to the bee and one side to the earring post. Done!

Earrings Materials:



The necklace started the same way as the ring & earrings with crystal clay, the brass aster flower, and crystal chatons.  Giving the clay a little time to cure, I cut a piece of wire about 4” long and created a link with the 3mm & 6mm crystals and the faceted bead in the middle. I created wrapped loops on either end. One end I included the faceted drop in the loop, and the other end I attached to the pendant in the loop. I cut 2 lengths of chain 8½” long each. I added a jump-ring to the end of each piece of chain and used another jump-ring to attach them to the top of the pendant. I used 2 more of the jump rings to attach the clasp to the back side of the necklace. Presto!

Necklace Materials:

Happy Creating Everyone!




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