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Random Acts of Kindness Week


I honestly wasn’t aware until recently that there is such a day, but apparently this is an unofficial holiday that is increasingly celebrated around the world. I’ve got to say, I think this is now my favorite holiday, official or not.

Besides making someone else feel amazing, it’s well known that random acts of kindness actually improve your own level of happiness, and health! They also tend to create a ripple effect of kindness, which is something I think we all can agree this world could use more of.  We also can forget how good it feels to just randomly do nice things for those around us. Whether it is for someone we know and love, or whether it’s someone we’ve never seen before, and maybe never will again. I think random acts of kindness day should be everyday – but life is busy, and maybe we don’t do this as often as we should. I think that a day dedicated to this is a great idea. Will you be taking part?

I would like to share a couple of Youtube videos with you about random acts of kindness. Both of these videos really inspired me and definitely put me in a great mood! I highly suggest watching them for a little inspiration for this day and every day! Let’s all create more random acts of kindness and watch the ripple effect happen in our world!

I created some key necklaces that I think are a great idea for random acts of kindness day. If you are not familiar with the keepsake keys that we sell on the website, here is your introduction. These come in such a great selection of words that as I look through them, I can think of people close to me that could use these affirmation words in their life right now. Perhaps someone in your life needs to be reminded of their strength to get through a rough patch. Perhaps someone in your life could be reminded what a blessing they are in your life, or someone will appreciate being reminded that you believe in them, or that you love them. Making a thoughtful little gift like this with a sweet note attached can mean the world to someone at just the right moment, and can even create some tears of appreciation. This is a very easy and meaningful thing to do for someone in your life, and even on a tight budget. (You can create one of these necklaces for only $8.07!)

I also really enjoy making and wearing jewelry that are reminders of such positive things. I think this is really powerful. For example, wearing a necklace to remind you of your own personal strength during a particularly tough time in life can be powerful. Especially if it was given to you by someone who told you about how much they believe in your strength.

Whatever you decide to do for Random Acts of Kindness Day, enjoy it, because doing good feels good!

I’ll leave you with one of my all time favorite quotes that I’m sure most of you are familiar with:

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day & Happy Creating!


Key Necklace Materials:

1 x Keepsake Key

1 x Swarovski 6010 – 13×6.5 Drop Pendant

18 “ Chain ~ Ball Chain Antique Silver

1 x Ball Chain Connector Antique Silver

1 x Jump Ring 4.5mm – Small Antique Silver

2 x Jumpring – Round 5mm, 16G Bright Rhodium

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