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Japanese Miracle Bead Radiant Orchid Inspriation

Hi all!

You may remember me – My name is Stephanie, I’m the marketing coordinator and blog editor at Bello Modo. It’s been a while since I have made a post to the blog (though I do edit and take all photos for the posts Shelly creates!). Since Shelly Haas has come to be our shop jewelry designer I rarely make any pieces. Honestly, I am very new to jewelry making, so that is why I posted rarely to begin with! My creativity lies elsewhere. I am very happy Shelly is here to help on the jewelry front!

As I was creating a radiant orchid board on our Pinterest, I found myself becoming inspired. It just so happened that I had walked by a box of Japanese Miracle Beads that morning with the exact colors I was pinning. I picked out the purple shaded beads I thought coordinated nicely and threw some green ones in there too. I found some silver floating circle chain, along with Swarovski crystal tanzanite silver earwires, and got to work.


My tools and design were simple: I grabbed my one-step loopers (my absolute favorite tool for the beginning jewelry maker), and two pairs of chain nose pliers. Then I placed one bead per 1″ head pin and made the loop on top. In some cases I found the bead hole too large for the head of the pin, so I used 3mm round metal beads to keep them from slipping off. Then I attached each bead to the chain in an alternating pattern using my chain nose pliers to open and close the loop I had made.

After I finished both earrings I showed them off to my coworkers. I heard descriptions like “bubbly”, “champagne,” and “party”. I think they are fun and flirty, and could be worn with greens, purples and pinks. I just love the look of the iridescent miracle beads!

Materials List:

I followed this gorgeous color collection for inspiration:


Happy creating!


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