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Roll Out the Red Carpet Earrings

Have you noticed the large and flashy formal earring trend happening? From the red carpets of Hollywood to prom suggestions, I’m seeing a lot of large, and very flashy earrings out there. Often times so large and full of bling, that there is no necklace worn. The eyes fall solely on the beautiful shiny things hanging from your ears.


I’ve been enjoying using  rhinestone cup chain in a lot of projects recently. I remember seeing some projects a while back that I really liked with cupchain wired onto bangle bracelets. I started scouring the shop trying to figure out what I could wire this cup chain to, to make some large flashy earrings that were red carpet worthy. I found the perfect pieces!

The Grande connectors in the Nunn design line proved to be perfect! The connectors are rounded on the front side, however, the backside of these connectors are flat, which is perfect for laying the cupchain down and wire wrapping it onto the connector with 26 gauge wire. I created a couple pairs of these that are definitely red carpet worthy!


This is a fun & simple technique that will make you look like a pro! I can see many varied creations done with this idea for prom, or that upcoming wedding.

Take a look at the video where I show you how to wire wrap the cup chain, and you can find a list of materials for these two pairs of earrings below.

Happy Creating!


Gold Oval Earrings with Drop:

Round SIlver Earrings:

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