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Vintaj Metal Reliefing

Have you used the Art Metal line offered from Vintaj? The dark gunmetal-like look is pleasing to the eye, however it’s not always easy to appreciate the intricate design on some of the pieces, because of the dark finish.


Many of the art metal pieces can be transformed in no time at all to have fantastic contrast, making those intricate designs pop. How you ask? Simply by doing a little sanding. By sanding, you are reliefing the pieces, which means you are taking away the patina or finish on the raised areas which makes the fine detail shine, adding contrast. The sanding blocks made for shrink plastic work well, but the Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block has multiple grits, heavy, medium, and fine all on one block. The Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block allows you to buff what you have reliefed for a nice shiny look by using the finest grit last. Personally, I sometimes like using the sanding blocks made for shrink plastic first, then finishing with the Vintaj Metal Reliefing Blocks, but you could get by with either/or.

The Rhapsody Novella pieces are a great example of how reliefing can really make the intricate design stand out. I think they make fantastic earring dangles along with the gorgeous 14mm Melon beads.

Below you will find the directions and materials for these cute rhapsody earrings. I’ve also made a video to show you how quickly you can transform these art metal pieces. Enjoy!

Happy Creating!


Rhapsody Earrings Materials:

2 x Vintaj Rhapsody Novella

2 x Earwires NB Black / 3mm SS Bead

4 x Heishi – Faceted 5mm Antique Silver

2 x Eye Pin – 2″ – 21G Black

2 x 14mm Melon Shaped – Pearl Coat – Guava

Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block and / or sanding blocks

Rhapsody Earrings Instructions:

  • Using your Vintaj Metal Reliefing Block, sand/relief your rhapsody pieces to your desired look using the Dark gray side (heaviest grit) first, then the White Side (medium grit), then the light gray side (finest grit) last. The light gray side is the finest grit and will actually polish up the raised parts that you have just reliefed.

  • Slide a heishi bead, then a melon bead, then another heishi bead onto an eyepin. Create a simple loop at the end, trimming off any excess wire. Repeat this with the other beads & eye pin.

  • Opening a simple loop on the end of the eye pin, attach one end to the Rhapsody piece, and the other end to the earwire. Repeat this for the second earring.

  • VARIATIONS: The 14mm melon beads come in so many great colors, pick your favorite! There are so many great pieces in the Art metal line for you to choose from. I think Vintaj Grand Kaleidoscope Filigree would look fantastic on this earring as well.

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