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Put a Bird On It!

I have no problem admitting that I love birds…on everything. Sewn onto my pillows, painted on my favorite mug, hanging in my jewelry. Something about these fluttering creatures is so cute and mystical to me. Maybe I love them so much because they can fly, or because my chickens bear such resemblance to their dinosaur ancestors (miniature velociraptor, anyone?). Or that it’s like an Easter egg hunt at my house all the time, with all the different colors of eggs they lay. Whatever the reason, birds are cool, and here to stay.

Bird’s nest earrings and necklace

People can’t seem to resist referencing Portlandia when they see my crafts at shows. “Put a bird on it!” They shout at me. Yeah, like I haven’t heard that before. People love birds. Put a bird on it and now it’s cool, so people will buy it. When I saw that episode I laughed so much I cried, because it’s so true! It’s also true for cats. Soon I will be showing you my amazing cat themed jewelry. But that’s for another day.

This is the first necklace I have ever made (well, except for those pony bead ones when I was like, six years old). Usually I make earrings because I don’t wear necklaces all that often. I think it turned out pretty awesome, and took minimal skills to create. Jewelry making has come pretty easily to me, I just needed the right tools to get me started.

Must have jewelry tools: One-step looper, Wolf 3 groove looping pliers, punch, and chain nose pliers. Wire cutters are good to have, too.

Working at a place like Bello Modo, it is easy to come across inspiration. We’d been talking about Easter coming up and brainstorming cute ideas when Pam showed me these adorable little drops shaped just like eggs. Put a bird on it, I thought. I gathered my supplies and set to work that evening.

Supplies for the bird’s nest necklace and earring set. You will also need a pair of wire cutters, in addition to the tools I mentioned previously.


First, make the birds nests. These are fairly easy to make, I’ve illustrated the steps with photos:

Step 1: Make a loop, leaving a 3″ piece on one side, and the other connected to your roll of wire.
Step 2: Wrap the loop around and around, a million times, until you get a nest like shape. You can see I secured the wire from coming undone by wrapping the 3″ piece around the coils.
Step 3: Cut a long piece off your roll, and slide the egg drops onto the wire.
Step 4: Form the eggs into a round shape so they are all touching. Loop the wire through a few times to hold the eggs down in the center.
Step 5: With the rest of your wire, weave it through randomly to create a more textured, “twiggy” look. Tuck the ends of the wire in and you have a birds nest!

I made three of these nests. For the two for the earrings, I made a simple loop on one of the wire pieces to attach an ear wire to. For the one that is in the necklace, I twisted pieces of the wire on the nest in four places to attach my chain. Read on to see how to make the necklace.

I made all of the bicone connectors for my chain using the One-Step Looper tool to make the second loop on the other end of the bicone. To make the chain, I cut many five link long pieces and connected them together with the bicones I just put together. Measure your neck to see the length you want for your necklace to determine whether you want more chain to make it longer or not. This necklace is very adaptable.

Use the looper to make your bicones into chain connectors.
Use the looper to make your bicones into chain connectors.
Cut 5 or 6 link long pieces of chain and attach connectors at each interval.

This bird only came with one hole on its upper left wing, but that is easily solved. Luckily Vintaj also makes this amazing punch tool so I can make the additional three holes wherever needed. The metal of the bird is pretty thick so this takes some force to punch the holes through.


After punching the holes, I connected my chain pieces to the bird using the jump rings. Adjust accordingly to the fit you desire. It is a little tricky to get it to hang right, you’ll need to make minor adjustments as you go along.

Connect your chain to the birds nest at four points. Bring your chain together on either side and connect with a jump ring. At this point I added extra chain length for the clasp closure, which I left long so you can adjust the length of the necklace easily with the tiny hook clasp.

Happy creating, and happy spring!


Upstairs in the photo studio @BelloModo, I show off my newly made necklace and earrings.



8 thoughts on “Put a Bird On It!

    1. We have the beads HERE.

      They are out of program beads though so our supply is eventually going to run out. once it does Light Emerald, Emerald, Fern Green, and other greens will work too, even Turquoise would be good. Hope this helps!


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