Peridot Pebbles Bracelet

I for one am feeling very happy about the arrival of spring, and I think the line of German resin beads just shouts springtime! The colors are bright and bold, the shapes are soft and natural, and I love the fact that they are very light weight for their size. Big, bold jewelry compliments those sun dresses that are coming out of the closet beautifully.

This bracelet I made was so simple and can be varied in so many ways. Have fun with different colors or buttons, or make into a necklace!



6 x Resin Mini Pebbles Peridot

7 x Bead – Turkish Euro Antique Silver

3’ x 2mm Round Leather Cord – Metallic Light Fern Green

1 x ⅝” Ankara button #96305 – JBH

Super New Glue


1. Fold your yard of leather cord in half and tie an overhand knot , leaving the correct size loop to fit your button through.

2. Slide one of the turkish euro beads over both cord ends.

3. Take one of your pebble beads. String one of the leather cord ends through one side of the bead. String the other leather cord end through the opposite side of the bead. (You are crossing the cords through opposite sides.) Pull this all nice and tight before bringing the cords back together to slide another turkish euro bead over both ends.

4. Repeat these steps until you get to the end of the bracelet.

5. Tie an overhand knot. Slide the button onto 1 of the cord ends, and tie a couple of knots to keep it in place.

6.  Trim the excess cord and add a dot of super new glue to ensure your knots not coming undone.

Happy Creating!




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I am an avid beader and beadmaker and totally entranced by all things beady. I love color! Am interested in multi-media techniques, love using Alcohol Inks on metal, making my own designs to incorporate in bezels, love working with resin! Bello Modo is my online bead and crafting store.

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