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Steam Punk Hearts

For today’s project I decided to go with a steam punk theme, using Nunn Design Heart Bezels with some watch parts in a couple of different ways. The creativity of steam punk fashion is exciting and edgy – easy to by inspired by!

The first pendant I made using Gel du Soleil UV Resin. I used the heart punch to punch a piece of scrapbook paper for the background, but you could really use any background you want. I think a page out of a book would make a great background too. Using Nunn Design Glue to glue the paper down and to seal the image, let this dry for a couple of hours before filling the pendant with watch parts and Gel du Soleil UV Resin.


One thing I very much appreciate about using the UV Resin is that it will not start hardening or curing until you put it under the UV light, giving you limitless time to work with it and get things arranged just how you want them. For this project, that really came in handy. I added a thin layer of resin, then added some watch pieces. I decided that trimming off the back post parts to many of the watch parts I was using was a good idea, so I stopped to do that (be very careful! the tiny posts on the watch parts can be sharp and teeny tiny!).

I continued adding a little more resin and more parts until things started looking how I wanted, using a toothpick to arrange the watch parts as I went along. It was a fun and enjoyable process as I was able to take my time, not feeling rushed. When you are satisfied with the way everything is arranged, place the resin pendant in the UV Lamp, letting it cure for about 20 minutes .

The second pendant was equally as fun, using Crystal Clay to set the tiny watch parts into. Crystal clay gives you at least an hour before it really starts to get too hard to work with; you have plenty of time to fool around with all the tiny pieces and arrange them. I found that I trimmed just the end of the posts on many of these little parts so that I could stick them into the clay, but they were not too long that I could push them all the way in. It was really a good time adding and arranging until finally choosing the details of the finished piece.

I choose to use rollo chain on both necklaces as I felt this was a good look for the pieces. Since the rollo chain is not fused, I did open the links of chain to attach the clasps as well as to attach the pendants to the chain. It can be a little tricky, especially with the thicker rollo chain, as it can be harder to bend back to the correct shape. I’ve found if you take your time it usually works out just fine, and I really like the uniform look of the thick chain links attaching the pendant rather than a jumpring. Of course you can use jump rings or anything you would like in a project like this.

Below is a materials list for these two projects.

Happy creating, everyone!


Materials for Copper Heart With Resin:

1 x Heart Grande Pendant Antique Copper

18” x Chain – Rolo (4.5mm) Antiqued Copper Plated

1 x Clasp Set – Lock & Key Antique Copper

Watch Parts

Gel du Soleil UV Resin

Nunn Design Silicone Glue

Punch ~ Heart – 2 x 1-1/16

Scrapbook paper, paper from a book, or whatever you choose to use!

Materials For Gold Heart with Crystal Clay:

1 x Heart Grande Pendant Antique Gold

18” x 7mm Rolo Chain Antique Silver

1 x Clasp Set – Anna 3/4″ Antique Gold

Crystal Clay ~ Blue Skies 25 grams

Watch Parts


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