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Nunn Design Bezel Bracelets

So easy to make, and the best part is that these bracelets can be made personal and unique!


These two pictured bracelets were made with the large and small circle bezel bracelets, glass domes, and a collage sheet for the small one and glitter for the large one. Nunn Design silicone glue puts it all together.

For the small one I chose a collage sheet with coordinated images, and I used a small punch to punch out the images, then glued them in, putting a generous coat on the top of the image and dropping the glass dome down on top. I like to wiggle the dome a bit to get it properly seated and work out any air bubbles. Set aside and let the glue dry overnight. That’s it! Once the glue dries, it is permanent and ready to wear.

For the large bezel bracelet I put a generous layer of glue down and then sprinkled glitter over the glue, dropping the glass dome in on top of it and wiggling around to work out any trapped air. Again, let it dry over night and voilà! You have a sparkly bracelet, ready to wear, or give as a gift. So easy! You can make it even more personal by using images that have meaning to you, from your own artwork or pictures, maybe theme oriented, like the small bracelet or color coordinated to match a particular outfit or theme.

Happy creating!


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