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Nunn Design Heart Earrings with Crystal Clay and Birthstone Chatons

A few weeks ago I put together these elegant heart earrings using Nunn Design’s grande heart pendants (left) and traditional heart pendants (right). I love the smaller traditional hearts because the back of them have beautiful, detailed engraved leaves and vines, perfect for a romantic dinner out. The grande hearts are large and bold – definitely some statement earrings for a special occasion!

heart-nunnbirthstoneearrings The grande heart pendants are pretty big, at least 2.5″ long. With the addition of black Crystal Clay and the chatons, they do become heavy enough to not want to wear for longer than a few hours, perhaps to a special occasion event. The heaviness was disappointing, but I’m willing to try again using resin instead, which may be lighter than the clay. Regardless, they look absolutely awesome on! It was hard to capture the vibrant sparkle of the chatons in the photo. They really glitter in the sunlight!

I really enjoyed creating them and it was great to learn how to use the clay while positioning the ruby and black chatons. To begin the chaton placement, I started in the middle and worked my way to the outer edges, using a star pattern which I alternated between the black and ruby chatons. Be sure to wipe the chatons with a baby wipe before the clay dries, just in case the beeswax toothpick (used for placement) picks up a little smudge here or there. The ear wires I used were the basic gold ear wire with a ball at the end, also from Nunn Design. The large loop on these ear wires made it easy to attach directly to the heart loop without making it longer by adding extra jump rings.

For the smaller, traditional heart pendant earrings, I used gold Crystal Clay and the ruby birthstone chatons. I also started in the middle with the placement of these chatons. Note, though, that the gold clay does not sparkle and shine on its own, however – before I put the chatons in I dusted the outside with Perfect Pearls heirloom gold powder, using a soft paintbrush to apply. This really added a nice effect to the finish, and I would suggest doing this for all Crystal Clay if you want to add a little something extra to your jewelry. The Perfect Pearls powders are available in many gorgeous colors to complement any clay you choose. Add on those red Swarovski crystal ear wires and they’re done!

Hope you enjoy creating with Crystal Clay & Nunn Design as much as I did!

Happy creating,




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