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Beautiful Delicate Butterfly

Moms deserve a nice fancy necklace for a Mother’s day gift. This one qualifies. Pam had been in the studio and glued these images into the pendants a while back. At some point I filled them with resin, and I decided it was time to put them into a necklace!


After the resin pendants were created, here is what I did, step by step:

1. Cut three lengths of wire each 3” long. Create a wrapped loop on one end. Add a bicone, a 3/0 Red Pepper bead, and another bicone. Finish the other end with a wrapped loop to complete a link. Repeat this for all three.

2. Attach the rose petals to the floating circles chain with jump rings. The circles chain has two circles on each link. I attached a rose petal to both circles, then skipped a link, then added them to both circles again, skipped a link – repeat.

3. Use jump rings to attach your links to your pendants in the order shown in the photo.

4. Use jump rings to attach the clasp to the ends.

The total length of this necklace is 23”.

Below are the materials used:

16” x Floating Circles Chain – Antique Silver

59 x Jump Ring 4.5mm – Small Antique Silver

9” x Titanium 20GA Wire

3 x 3/0 Round Red Pepper OP (#45)

6 x 4mm jet bicone

1 x Framed Pendant Small Square Single Loop Antique Silver

2 x Framed Pendant Small Square Antique Silver

1 x 5/16 oz. Gel du Soleil UV Resin

50 x Rose Petals 8mm – Red OP

Happy Creating Everyone!



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