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Mother’s Day Floating Circles

For all of you still looking for some Mother’s Day inspiration, I thought I would share with you what I made for my Mom…

Mothers Day Floating Circles

Honestly, I was so pleased with how these pieces came out. They are quite simple to make while being beautiful and elegant. Another reason why I like these so much is that they can go casual with a pair of jeans or dressed up for a night out.

Here’s what you will need to make the set…



Here is how to create your own step by step:

1). Cut 1 inch off the chain (ten links).  If you hold it up and look closely you can see the difference between the chain and the floating circles.  Make sure to cut the chain and not the floating circles.  Then cut that one inch piece in half, so that you have two half inch pieces, with five links each.

2). Cut the Wirelace in half so that you have two pieces (1 foot each).

3). Put one end of the Wirelace through one end of the chain (again make sure it is the chain and not one of the floating circles). Bring the two ends of the Wirelace together (make sure they are smooth and not twisted) and make a simple knot (this will go inside of your clamshell).  Repeat on the other end of chain with the other piece of Wirelace.

4). Put one jump ring through each of the baroque pendants.

5). Attach one of the pendants to the center of your necklace.

6). Attach one jump ring to each of the ear wires, then attach your 5 links of chain (1/2 inch) to that, on the other end of the earring chain ad another jump ring as well as the pendant (so each earring uses three jump rings total).

7). Attach the lobster clasp one of the clamshells.

8). Put a dab of G-S Hypo Cement on one of the knots and close the clamshell over it.  Repeat with other end and set aside to dry (at least two hours).

Happy Creating!



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