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Pave Drop Crystal Earrings

After being away for a couple of years, every once in a while I come across something in the shop that I have never seen before, and can’t believe I’ve just discovered it now! The Pave Drops are absolutely gorgeous!


As wedding season is upon us, I think these are a perfect component for formal wedding wear. The Crystal Pave Drops, or the Crystal AB Pave Drops, make perfect Bridal earrings while the other colors of Pave Drops are great to accent the bridesmaid dresses. Or perhaps you have a wedding to attend and want your jewelry to look as pretty as the wedding party….these could be perfect for you as well.

Materials Used for these earrings:

2 x Pave Drop – Crystal

1 pair x Earwire Leverback Large Oval Antique Silver

4 x 4mm White Pearls

2 x 8mm Princess Cut Crystal Moonlight

2 x 1.5″ Headpin 21G Antique Silver

3” x  Titanium 20GA Wire


1.  Cut approximately 1.5 inch of wire. Create a simple loop on one end. slide on a pearl, a princess crystal, and then another pearl. Trim the wire if needed, and create a simple loop at the end to complete your link. Repeat this for the other earring.

2. Slide your Pave bead onto the headpin and complete the top with a wrapped loop. Repeat this for the other earring.

3. Open a simple loop on the end of the link you’ve created and attach the pave drop. Open the other simple loop on the opposite end of the link you’ve created, and attach this to the earwire. Repeat for the other earring.


I chose to use lever back earrings, as I like the classy look they give, but changing the earwire can change the look quite easily depending on your preference. The colors that the Pave Drops come in are truly spectacular. Create something unique to match your dress, or the bridesmaid dresses. If you require a large quantity for bridesmaid dresses, please order early to allow time for us to special order them in for you. I also think the Pave Drops could be worked into a cute matching formal necklace. Get creative with them! With all of the faceted crystal in these drops, they are sure to draw attention and sparkle in your lovely designs!

Happy Creating!



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