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Ribbon and Pearls Necklace

One of the newer additions to the shop are these tiny, lovely little 2mm Czech Pearls. We love these little beads for a couple of reasons… they are very versatile and they come in so many great colors!

Pearl Ribbon Necklace

For this necklace we have strung larger 10mm Swarovski pearls and used the small 2mm pearls as spacers in lieu of the more traditional knotting which turns some people off to working with pearls.

Pearl Ribbon Close Up

We have also incorporated the beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon from Hanah Silk.  There are so many great colors to choose from, the possibilities are almost endless to make this design to your own liking.

To make this necklace here is what you will need:

17 inches of beading wire (of your choice)

2 x crimp beads 2×2 antique copper 01-0030-18

2 x links bamboo end bar antique copper 94-3174-18

18 x 10mm peach Swarovski pearls

19 x 2mm peach pearls

8 inches of 7/16″ Hanah hand dyed silk ribbon – Garnet (to tie the bow)

2 x 30-34 inch pieces of 5/8″ Hanah hand dyed silk ribbon – Garnet

2 x chain nose pliers

Crimping pliers


1). Cut your beading wire.  On one end, add a crimp bead and one of the bamboo links, thread it back through the crimp bead and close crimp using your crimping pliers.

2). Thread a small pearl then a large pearl and continue until all of the pearls have been added.

3). Repeat step one on the other end of the wire.

4). Cut the 5/8″ Hanah hand dyed silk ribbon so you have two pieces that are 34 inches each. Thread each piece of ribbon through each of the bamboo links.

5). Using the 7/16″ ribbon, tie a pretty bow on one side, close to the bamboo link.

This necklace can be worn simply tied in the back, or if you prefer you can attach a clasp of your choice.

Happy Creating!

– The Team @ Bello Modo.

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