Long Drop Earrings

Someone recently asked me if I had a different pair of earrings for every day of the year. My answer was “noooooo… but that wouldn’t be a total stretch for me.” I appreciate being continually exposed to so many new and different jewelry products. Very often some of those just need to become an instant pair of earrings!


These lucite long drops are perfect for that. They make an instant, fantastic pair of fun summer earrings. The colors are bright, and they are very light weight for how large they are. The marbled colors add interest and texture too.



Simply, use a jump-ring to attach the ear wire to the drop. Presto! Instant, cute summer earrings!

Happy Creating!



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I am an avid beader and beadmaker and totally entranced by all things beady. I love color! Am interested in multi-media techniques, love using Alcohol Inks on metal, making my own designs to incorporate in bezels, love working with resin! Bello Modo is my online bead and crafting store.

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