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Traveling with Your Beading Projects

Summer is almost here and along with that, for most of us, comes more traveling. Whether it’s a family reunion, a vacation or just a day at the park, often we want to take a project with us to keep our hands busy and our minds creative while we visit or just take some time out of our normal routines.


Here are some ideas to help you travel with your projects so that when you arrive you have everything you need to complete your project.  The first thing you want to do is decide what project(s) you want to take with you. It is much better to plan ahead, so that you have what you need and at the same time are not carrying around a lot of excess baggage.

One thing to keep in mind, is what your situation/environment will be where you will be working on your project. Easy projects that don’t require a lot of attention are good if you will be visiting with family so that you are able to engage with them and not be too distracted by your project.

Once you have decided what your project will be, make a check list of everything you need. Then set out to gather all of your materials: needles, scissors, glue, tools etc. You might also bring a small notebook so that as you are working you can take notes. If you are going to the beach, a pool or on a boat you might consider putting smaller containers inside of a plastic, ziplock bag to make sure nothing gets wet.

After you have everything gathered that you will need, you can look around your house for containers of all kinds such as Altoids tins, small makeup bags etc. If you are a regular shopper of ours, you know that many of our products come in packages that work well for traveling including the small clear bags and tubes for beads.

If you are going to be traveling quite a bit you may consider investing in some travel gear. Listed below are some items we carry that can make traveling with your project easier and much more fun! One of our most popular items is the beading tin which also makes a great work space at home.


These can be decorated with washi tape and/or a decoupage technique to further express your creativity like this one here…


The Amelia is a fantastic, little travel case for organizing beads and other small items. While it is a bit more expensive, it’s quality far surpasses anything else I’ve seen. It is made in Europe and extremely durable, so it is sure to last. And, they also come with these really cute little scoops…


Investing in some smaller, travel sized tools such as the baby wubbers is another option to minimize bulk and weight…


or the glitter line, if you want to spend a little less money on your travel set…


Some other items you might consider are pictured below: a foldly rulerretractable measuring tape, small precision scissors, pocket sized crimper, the thread cutter (which you can take on an airplane) and the no tangle thread bobbins.


Another idea, especially if you are going to be making jewelry projects with older kids, is to consider using the Wildly Bohemian kits. These are a pre-packaged, compact and fun assortment of beads.



What are your tips and tricks for traveling with your projects? We’d love to hear them below!

Happy Creating!

The Team at Bello Modo.

16 thoughts on “Traveling with Your Beading Projects

  1. I use a plastic fishing tackle style box from Plano that has no dividers (about $9 at Bass Pro Shops), and put a piece of bead mat in the bottom. All my supplies fit in the box, it has two sturdy latches, and when open it provides a great work surface – no rolling beads!


  2. Tip #1: I use my sewing machine to wind Fireline onto the sewing machine bobbins. They really hold lots of line and take up no space at all in my beading bag.

    Tip #2: When flying, make sure all beads are in tubes/bags/containers – no loose beads. I also put a sign on front of bead box saying something like, “Attention TSA – Please open carefully. Contains hundreds of tiny & expensive jewelry beads.” (More than once I have found beads all over the bottom of my suitcase) after luggage inspections.)


  3. I have not done much traveling with my beads, but 3 weeks ago my hubby had to have a serious operation, so I packed my bead things and took to the hospital. My small bead Buddy came into play here and I took just the things I would need for simple projects. I took small lids and used them to hold beads, and when i closed the BB, i didnt have to worry about them being all over the mat, and maybe spilling. I used a cosmetic case to hold the pliers, etc. And it all worked out wonderfully! I made earrings for each of the nurses that gave him such great care. A lot of earrings I can tell you, but they loved it! The main nurse at the doctors office, still thanks me as a last saying, every time she has to call. I so appreciate not only the care for my hubby, but that they all gave for me!!!


  4. What perfect timing for this post. I am taking an extended “break” and want to “work” on projects while gone. Fabulous suggestions – I’ll try some for sure. Thank you –


  5. I am a beginner beader and still in the information gathering stage like what to buy, where to buy etc.This post is particularly helpful as i am going on a vacation and dont think i want to stay away from beading even then:)Thanks for all the ideas.


  6. I use the plastic photo boxes that hold 5″x7″ photos. They are about 1″ deep. I have cut down a bead mat so that it fits perfectly when folded in half. I can take a few of these on a trip, moving scissors etc. to the project I’m working at the moment. I’m mostly a seed beader.


  7. I always prep several bead crochet and kumihimo disc projects on plastic bobbins. I put each project in a quart or gallon size zip bag and toss a couple of them into my purse or carry-on bag and others in checked luggage when traveling. The projects don’t take a lot of room and are easy to access and put away quickly.


  8. Great ideas! Been looking for something like the beading tin, although I believe I need one that is about 2 inches plus. I macrame and would like to put my work pad permanently on the inside of the lid. Also the Amelia would come in handy for my bicones and pearls etc. great post. Thank you. 🙂


  9. I have 2 boxes similar to the Amelia, but at far less cost. mine were only in the 12 to 15 dollar price range. Look up bead storage in search or eBay. very nice, but I can’t afford the hi price stuff.


  10. For on-the-go-beading I like a divided plastic plate/tray that fits into a gallon freezer bag. I take a microfiber cloth to line the tray and use small containers with snap lids for my pared down bead stash and a few findings. A small pair of scissors, a small piece of wax, and my small beaded needle case are all the tools I need for my seed bead earrings or pendants projects. Everything fits in the bag and it fits in my purse. I bought the containers at an outdoors outfitter. They come in many sizes, open and close easily – way easier than zipper bags or the original bead tubes -, are see-through, and everything stays safely in its place. I like the idea of using sewing machine bobbins for small thread storage since I buy the large spools of thread for economy.


    1. Scissors need to be put in your checked luggage. The thread cutter is great if you want to work while flying. Also be sure and check the adhesives because so many are flammable and cannot be taken at all RE: TSA list. I do micro macrame and we use fray check which is flammable. We have done a lot of flying lately and super careful. Hope this helps.


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