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Chrysanthemum Earring and Bracelet Set

If I had a list going of my very favorite things I’ve created in 5 minutes or less, this project would be at the top of it. I adore these little Lucite Chrysanthemum Cabs, and the colors are fantastic to boot.


The Nunn Design line of products seems to supply me endlessly with inspiration and extremely functional components that allows for easy-peasy projects!

This is a great spring or summer project that you can whip up in no time to compliment the summer dresses you finally get to take out of the closet!


Jewelry Adhesive of your choice:


To create these, simply use adhesive to glue the cabs into the bracelet links and onto the flat tag drops. Once the adhesive has dried, simply slide the drops onto the kidney earwires.


There may be a few Chrysanthemum cabs that are just a touch too big to seat them all the way into the bracelet bezels. I suggest seeing which ones from the package fit into the bezels before getting your adhesive out.

If you need to, you can use a metal file to file down the cab a bit. I did not need to, but there were a couple that didn’t want to fit in, so I used these on the earrings instead.


Using a different style of earwire would change the look drastically, creating a more dainty looking earring. The chrysanthemums come in a variety of colors that you could mix and match or use one color throughout.

Happy Creating!


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