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Leather Anklet

Summer is upon us, and this means we get to ditch the socks, break out the sandals, and adorn our ankles with jewelry!


This project could be a good one to share with older kids, or someone new to making jewelry, as it’s simple to put together, and doesn’t take much time at all.

The amount of materials listed below is for the anklet I made, which is about 10” long. I think the average length for an anklet is about 9-10”, but let’s face it, ankles can really vary in size! It also depends on how tight or loose you like you wear yours.

I feel like I have a smallish to average size ankle, but I like to wear my anklets loose so they are almost hanging below my ankle bone. Some like to wear theirs up above their ankle bone and a little more snug. This is an easy project to check out the length as you are making it to have it custom fit just for you!

As always, the colors that are available for you to use are plenty both with the 1.5mm Leather Cord and with the 8×2.5mm O-ring beads, so choose to work with the colors that you love!


30” x 1.5mm Round Leather Cord

25 x 8×2.5mm O-Ring


  • Cut approximately 30” of leather cord, find the middle of the cord, and tie a simple overhand knot, leaving just a big enough loop at the end to fit an oring bead through. This will serve as the closure to your anklet.
  • Take an O-ring bead, and string one end of your cord through it. Take the other end of your leather cord and string it through the opposite side of the O-ring bead. Pull this taught, bring the bead all the way up, and snug next to the knot you made.
  • Keeping that bead snug in it’s place, take another O-ring bead and slide one end of cord through one side of it, and the other end of cord through the opposite side of the bead. Pull these cords through until the second bead is snug up against the first bead.
  • Keep repeating this until you have the length you want. In my case this was 24 beads.
  • The key to having this look nice & uniform is keeping each bead snug up against each other as you go.
  • Once you have the length you want, tie another overhand knot. String both ends of cord through one side of another O-ring bead, and leaving about ½” of cording, tie another overhand knot. Trim the excess cord off the end. This end bead can be slid through the loop you left at the other end for your closure.


Happy barefoot weather and happy creating!


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