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Party Earrings

Every once in a while I sit down with a product that i’ve had my eye on for a while and literally have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but I just know it’s time for me to play with it and figure it out. I’ve been attracted to these dainty 1x4mm o-beads for a while now, so today I decided I would sit down with some and see what happens.


What happened was these cute earrings! I think they are great party earrings, and it was fun to finally create something with these tiny o-beads!

You could vary this basic design in so many ways.  I’m super happy with how these turned out. The gorgeous Swarovski Crystal Fish beads somehow found their way into the design, and they make the earrings just that much more fun and interesting.



1. Cut two pieces of 20 gauge wire approximately 2” long each.

2. Create a simple loop at the end of one of your pieces of wire, then add an O-ring bead, a Heishi bead, an O-ring bead, the fish bead, an o-ring bead, a heishi bead, and another o-ring bead. Complete this link by making another simple loop at the end of the wire. Repeat this with your other piece of wire.

3. Open the simple loop on one end of your link to attach it to your earwire, and close. Repeat this with the other link and ear wire

4. Take 38 of your jumprings. Open each jumpring, and add on o-ring bead to each jumpring, and close. You should now have 38 jumprings that are closed with an o-ring bead on each.

5. To create the dangles on the earrings, add four of your o-ring bead jump rings to one plain jump ring and attach that to the bottom simple loop of your link. Add four more of your o-ring bead jump rings to a plain jump ring, and attach that to the jump ring you just added to the bottom of your link. Repeat this three more times until you have five plain jump rings added to the bottom with four o-ring jump rings on each. When you attach them, be sure to attach it in the middle of the o-ring bead jumprings, having two on each side so that it looks balanced. Repeat this for the other earrings.


There is such a great variety of large Swarovski Crystal beads that you could use instead of the fish bead. Try out whichever one you are attracted to using!

Swarovski beads & 1x4mm O-ring beads come in a variety of colors, mix it up!

You could also use gold or copper rather than silver, or consider using different heishi beads, as the TierraCast line hosts plenty of different ones.

Happy Creating!



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