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Mood Bead Earrings

Did you have any mood jewelry when you were young? I remember having a mood ring that I thought for sure was magic, and perhaps that was the beginning being someone who likes to fidget and play with her jewelry 🙂


If you haven’t discovered the Mirage Mood Beads yet, you’re in for a treat.  These are really great beads and a favorite to work with around here! Not only are they a nice quality, good looking bead, but they work just like the old mood jewelry of the 60’s and 70’s and change colors with variations in temperature. How fun!


To Make The Earrings:

  1. Open two of your 17mm  jump rings, slide a Mood Bead on each one, and close the jump rings.
  2. Close the remaining 17mm jumprings so they are neat, solid circles.
  3. Using your four smaller oval jump rings, connect the large rope jump rings to create two links with three rope jump rings each, and the mood beads at the bottom as shown in the picture.
  4. Open the loop on the Crystal Earwires just enough to attach the top rope jumpring, and very gently use your jewelry pliers to close it.
  5. Variations: As always, vary this style to be more your own! If you like shorter earrings, I think these would be very cute with just one large jump ring as well!

I just used a couple of the mood beads on a simple pair of dangly earrings here, but the possibilities are endless with these Mood Beads, and I can guarantee, they are a unique and fun thing to wear, however you decide to use them.

Happy Creating!


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