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Lapis and Copper Earrings

As I made these earrings I was so enamored with the beautiful color of the Lapis Swarovski Pearls that I’m sure, I’m becoming more of a blue-girl. This gorgeous color combined with the antique copper is stunning.


I’ve never been good at picking favorites. There is just too much good food, music, books, and movies out there to say that I have a ‘favorite’!

However, for as long as I can remember, I have been solid on my favorite color. It’s always been green. Some greens I’m more fond of than others, but literally this is the only thing I could tell you is my favorite.

Recently someone asked me what my favorite color is. For the first time in my life, I hesitated. I think, I may be becoming a blue girl….my habit was to immediately say green, but I wanted to say blue. 🙂

Besides the lapis pearls being a favorite color of blue, these could very easily end up being a favorite pair of earrings as well.


To Make The Earrings:

  1. Count the links of chain to cut two lengths of each: 3 links; 9 links; and 14 links.
  2. You should now have six lengths of chain: two short, two medium, and two long.
  3. Place a 6mm pearl on a head pin, then a bead cap. You’ll have to push the beadcap on over the pearl as it is a tight fit. Slide a 4mm pearl on the headpin on top of the bead cap. Trim the excess wire and use your round nose pliers to create a simple loop at the top, to create a drop.
  4. Repeat the last step to create five more drops.
  5. Attach a drop to the end of each length of chain that you have cut.
  6. Slide your three different lengths of chain onto a jump ring in the following order: one of the shortest, one of the medium length, and one of the longest lengths. Close the jump ring. Repeat with another jump ring and the remaining three lengths of chain.
  7. Use another jump ring to attach this to the earwire, and repeat for the other.


You could vary this basic design in so many ways! There is a plethora of beautiful colors in the Swarovski pearls to choose from, the styles and finishes of beadcaps are plentiful, and you can use your choice of chain, as long as it has links to attach to, and is somewhat dainty.

These earrings measure 2.5” in length from the earwire. However, if you want to make them shorter or longer to your liking, just adjust the lengths of chain accordingly.

Have fun with it and make them your own!

Happy Creating!


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