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Two Sided Roses

In honor of officially feeling in summer mode, I decided to make something brightly colored and happy today. I chose to work with these adorable lucite Two Sided Roses.


Not only do these roses have a great, classic style, but they are brightly colored, and double sided! These are a limited supply item, so get your hands on some of these while you can!

I’ll also take a moment to tell you just how much I like using the magnetic barrel clasps. They are strong magnets, easy to use, they look sleek, and they make it oh so easy to put your bracelet on!

To Make The Bracelet:

  1. Tie a simple overhand knot at the end of your leather, leaving about ¼” at the end.
  2. String a rose bead on the leather, slide it up close to the knot that you tied, and tie another overhand knot sliding that knot up as close as you can to the other side of the rose bead.
  3. Repeat these steps until you have the length you want for your bracelet, keeping in mind that the barrel clasp will add about ½” of length.
  4. My bracelet is about 7&½” in length using nine rose beads. Since the rose beads are larger beads, this makes it a tighter fit on my average-ish size wrist. You may want to add a rose for a looser fit, or use one less for a smaller wrist.
  5. Once you have the roses strung, and knots tied, trim your ends to about ¼”. Use only a drop or two of Super New Glue to attach your Magnetic Barrel Clasp Set.
  6. Presto! You are done! you can vary this design by choosing the colors of rose beads that you want to work with! Or even add some large holed beads in between!

To Make the Earrings:

  1. On a Head Pin put a Bead Cap ,Two Sided Rose bead, and another Bead Cap.
  2. Create a wrapped loop at the top.
  3. Repeat with the other head pin and beads.
  4. Slide your drops onto the long arched earwires, or attach to the earwire of your choosing.

Happy creating everyone!



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