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Poolside Pillow Bracelet

Summer is in full swing and so are the bright colors of the season. This aqua blue pillow bracelet is just right to set the mood for a lazy, outdoor, soak up some sun, poolside with a great book and an iced drink kind of feeling… even if you are inside on the computer. 😉






1. Cut beading wire to 21 inches; attach one end of the clasp to the middle of the wire with a crimp bead;

2. Add two nickel heavy metal seed beads, to both strands together; then split the wire and add four more more seed beads, two to each strand;

3. Add one pillow bead to the wires; then add two more seed beads, one to each strand until all ten pillow beads have been used (or till desired length);

4. Add four more seed beads, two to each strand; then add two seed beads to both strands of wire together;

5. Attach the other end of the clasp with the crimp bead; thread the wire back through a couple of beads then trim the ends;

6. Attach bicone to head pin; trim head pin a make a simple loop; use pliers to attach head pin to the clasp;

7.Use two pliers to attach the heart charm to a jump ring and then the jump ring to the clasp.


Happy Creating!



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