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Urban Radiance Earrings

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I love earrings that include a bit of sparkle. These fit the bill quite nicely and they are a snap to make!

The sleek Swarovski Elements Urban Pendant was inspired by the stark simplicity of the dog-tag. It is truly a unisex pendant, a crystal that signals masculine fashion-forwardness and sporty femininity.

The 8mm jump rings create the structure to keep them following smoothly.

Supplies needed:

2 –  Radiant Rings

2 – 20mm Swarovski Elements Urban Pendants

1 – set of earwires We used: 2mm Sapphire Earwires

4 – Jump Rings, 8mm Round


Open all the jump rings. Attach one to the pendant, attaching it to the Radiant Ring. Next attach two of the jump rings to each side of the jump ring holding the pendant on the Radiant Ring. Now take a jump ring and hook it through the top of both of the jump rings on each side of the pendant ring, and through the ring on the earwire. The jump ring holding the pendant should not be in the group, but rather only holding the pendant. Make sure you have the earwire and the front side of the pendant both facing teh right way.

As an alternate you can use etched or twisted jump rings for the two on the sides of the one holding the pendant to create some added texture. We used an etched jump ring.

Necklaces can be made with these components as well, using a smaller jump ring to attach one unit to a chain, or even riveting or wiring three rings together then attaching a pendant to the center ring in the same manner, attaching all three to chain to finish off the necklace. The outside jump rings create the structure that controls the piece while the pendant remains free and flowing.


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