‘Neon Love Hoop’ Earrings

These are so fun and easy to make! Neon is HOT this summer! These are the perfect match for jeans and a tank top, fun, and colorful and the new Primitive Heart charms look great on these. Not too big, and stylized in a casual but arty way.


Here is what you will need to make your own:

1 pair of earwires

2 x 40mm Beading Hoops

72 x 3mm pearls of your color choice

2 x jump rings

2 x primitive heart charms

Slip the beads on the hoop, in whatever order works best for you. I think its best to use a tiny drop of jewelers glue to hold the bead at the open end in place to keep any from slipping off when you are opening them to put on. Slide the bead towards to  end just a bit, dab on the glue and then run the bead back over the glue and let dry. Add the heart drop to the jump ring and attach to the finished hoop. Repeat with the second one and that’a it. Wear with joy!

Happy Creating!

The Team @ Bello Modo




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