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Knot Another Macrame Bracelet!

This bracelet uses one of the most basic of all macramé techniques… although when it is combined with beads down the middle it takes on a whole new fun, fresh and unique look!  This one highlights neon cord and glow in the dark beads!




  1. Start your bracelet by folding each length of cord (four pieces total) in half and holding them at the midpoint.  Thread the button to this point and, make three square knots, using the longer cords as your working cords and the shorter cords as the filler cords. You will have two working cords on either side (four total) and four filler cords.
  2. At this point, you can either continue knotting with the bracelet held in your hand, or to make things easier, you can clamp it down to a working space.  You can use t-pins on a macramé board, or you can use alligator clips or binder clips to attach the bracelet to a secure workspace.  I like to use a wooden tray that has a 1.5 inch depth.  Be sure to clip the work down on top of the newly tied square knots and not the button.
  3. Take one of the filler cords and string the seed beads on and tie a knot near the end of the cord. Clamp the filler cords down on the other end of the workspace.
  4. Now that your work is secure, you can start the body of the bracelet.  Slide one bead up until it is resting against the last square knot and tie a new square knot.  Continue in this manner, sliding a bead up snug against the last knot and then tying a new knot until the bracelet is about 1.5” shorter than you intended length.  At this point, tie three more square knots.
  5. Unclamp the filler cords and untie the knot that you made at the end of the one holding the beads. Hold two filler cords and one side of working cords together and tie an over-hand knot on each side, snug against the last square knot tied.
  6. Now, holding all cords together, tie an overhand knot about a ½ inch from the last two knots tied.  The idea is to leave enough space so that your button can slide through and this becomes your clasp!
  7. Split the strings in half again and weave a tight three strand braid about an inch on either side, ending with an overhand knot.  Trim the ends and voila!  You are set to stand out with your new neon and glow in the dark bracelet.

The Thread Zap works perfectly to end the C-Lon Cord and eliminate any possible fraying.


Techniques used:


square knot


The technique is so simple while the colors, bead styles and cords are nearly infinitely interchangeable.

Here is the same bracelet made with red leather cord and silver beads:

DSCN0300Happy Creating!   

Designed by Wild Human Designs for Bello Modo.

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