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Infinity Link Bracelet and Chrysanthemum Hair Clips

Here’s a fun, gorgeous set for the young ladies or the young at heart!  This would make a great present for going back to school. We are so loving these pastel colors here at the shop!

DSCN0364Of course feel free to substitute any colors that suit your fancy… or turn it into a party and make a bunch in different colors as friendship bracelets!


Hair Clips

  1. Glue one Chrysanthemum Cabochon onto each flat pad of the Hair Clips.
  2. Do one at a time and hold the cabochon for a moment while the glue sets. Then set it aside to finish setting while you glue the other Cabochon on to the Hair Clip.


The following measurements provided result in a bracelet that is about 8” long, make adjustments as necessary to get the proper fit for the intended wrist.

  1. Cut 2 x 8” pieces of Satin Cord.
  2. Cut the .5mm Leather into 3 equal pieces. Tie a knot about an inch from one end and make a 3 strand braid until your braid is about 7” long. Tie another knot. Trim the loose ends, after the knot, on each side to about 9/16”.
  3. Cut 2 x 8” pieces 1.5mm Leather Cord. Fold each Piece in half and tie a Lark’s Head knot on either side of the Infinity Link.
  4. Lay out the braid, Satin Cord, and Infinity Link piece and trim ends so they are neat and equal. On one end, pinch the ends together and stick into one side of the Magnetic Clasp. Drop a few drops of glue into the clasp, turning the clasp around and being sure to get all sides, be careful not to use too much, or it will soak up the Satin Cord and discolor it slightly. Repeat on the other side. Let dry for a few moments.

You now have a gorgeous set to gift or wear! You can even alter the colors and make them in school or sports team colors to show your pride.


Larks Head Knot










Made by Wild Human Designs for Bello Modo

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