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School Pride Zipper Pulls

School time is upon us and I have a found a great way to use the new TierraCast Makers pieces and focus on the variety of colors we carry in Satin Cording (also known as rat-tail).  These sweet little zipper pulls can easily be modified to create key-chains or bracelets.  Send your favorite students off to school with a fancy zipper pull in their school colors!




For the Black/Gold version:

For the Aqua/White version:


  1. The directions for each color way are the same, just be sure to use the appropriate Cord Ends and Beads.  For the purpose of the directions, I will use the gold/black colorway as an example.
  2. Cut the black and the gold cord in half.  Holding them together, at the halfway point, make a knot, leaving a two inch loop at the end (this will later be snipped open and this is where you will attach your beads).
  3. Attach your gator weight to the loop after the knot and let hang through the kumihimo disk while you place your cords in the starting positions.
  4. Notice that there is a black dot at #8, 16, 24, and 32 on the disk.  Think of this as North/South and East/West.   So, #32 and 16 are north/south and #24 and 8 are East/West.  Black will go north/south and Gold will be placed east/west.
  5. Take two black cords and place on either side of #32, then place the other two black cords on either side of #16.  Repeat this with the Gold cords on the east/west dots.
  6. Now, remember this “Left, down. Right, up.  Turn and repeat.”
  7. What this means is that, starting with the black at #32, you will take the left strand and bring it straight down to #17.  Then bring the right strand at #16 up to #1.  Turn and repeat this technique of “left, down. right, up.” with the gold cords.
  8. It really is that simple!  Continue this pattern until the braid is the length you desire.  The examples are about 3” long.
  9. When you get to stopping point, grasp the end of the bead firmly in your hand and detach the cords from the disk, set the disk aside and remove the gator weight from the other end.
  10. Trim the cords so that you can glue this end into the Makers Collection Cord Ends.  You will want to leave just a centimeter or two after the end of the braid.  Put one drop of glue into the Cord End and settle the end of the braid into the Cord End.  Add 3-4 more drops of glue into the cap, moving around the edge so that all sides of the braid will be affixed.  Let this cure for a moment.
  11. Pick up the end with the knot and clip the cords in half so that you now have 8 strands.  With the 3mm, we will tie beads onto four strands and clip the other four strands just below the knot and secure with a tiny drop of glue.  After securing the beads onto the strands with an overhand knot, place a tiny drop of glue on each knot.
  12. For the 2mm cord, you can put each bead on two strands and secure with knots and a tiny drop of glue.
  13. The last step is to attach the lobster clasp to the top of each Cord End.  This enables you to easily clip the zipper pull on to the zipper of the backpack. Open a jumpring and slide it through the small loop at the top of the Cord End, slide the lobster clasp on and then close the jump ring.  Finished!


Created by Wild Human Designs for Bello Modo.

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